Emerging Scholars Symposium

10-22-2016-emerging-scholars-200x200.jpgOrganized by the Association of Graduate Art Students in conjunction with the Georgia Museum of Art, the biennial Emerging Scholars Symposium invites art historians who are engaged in, or have recently concluded, graduate studies to share their research with their peers and the UGA community.

a2ru Faculty Research Cluster

The a2ru Faculty Research Cluster is accepting proposals from full-time, research-budgeted faculty whose projects have the potential to further UGA’s reputation as a leader in arts-based research. Projects may be creative or scholarly in form, and they may be disciplinary or interdisciplinary in scope. Grants will range from $1,000 to $3,000 and are intended to advance research projects with an eye toward external funding.

Recent MA & PhD Topics in Art Education

Teachers’ Perceptions of a Collaborative Arts Professional Development Workshop
Nancy D. Herlihy, Summer 2016

Instanbul Beloved: A Researcher in the Bound Unity of Others
Sonya Turkman, Spring 2016

Piggies and Portraits Competing at the County Fair: An Ethnographic Case Study of Student Art Competitions
Frances Vaughn, 2016

The Possibilities of Freedom Within A High School Mixed Media Classroom
Amy Workman, 2016

Research Days

As part of the Dodd's commitment to arts-oriented research, three days in the each semester are designated "research days." On these days, no classes are held and no meetings are scheduled, leaving faculty and students free to pursue their research agendas. 

Faculty and graduate students with teaching assignments are encouraged to incorporate these days into their syllabi and make use of them in conjunction with assignments involving the library or museum. 


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