The Dodd Galleries is dedicated to understanding and promoting contemporary art as a tool and catalyst for education. The Galleries consist of five exhibition spaces that act as laboratories and testing grounds for innovation located among our classrooms and studios. Committed to the idea of art-as-research, the galleries host established and emerging artists, designers, critics, and curators of national and international stature along with interdisciplinary programming designed to question, educate and inspire. The mission of the Galleries is to challenge contemporary perceptions of artmaking and promote the idea that art is essential to the production of knowledge. The Galleries produces rotating exhibitions and events that examine the cultural and social contexts around us, instigates cross-disciplinary dialogues and essential art experiences, and provides a framework for intellectual and creative inquiry. 

Dodd Galleries

Current Exhibitions

January 2018 to March 2018
January Black in the Box: A One Man Show by Marlon Burnley | Thursday, January 18, 7:30pm | Gallery 101
  La Mostra: Cortona 2017 Closing Reception | Saturday, January 20, 3:30pm
  Art Talks: Amanda Ross-Ho Lecture | Wednesday, January 23, 12:20 pm | S151
  Winter Art Party Extravaganza!!!! | Friday, January 26, 6–8 pm
February Lunchtime Gallery Talk: Sarah Kennedy and Trent Johnson | Wednesday, February 7, 12:00 noon | Suite Gallery
  Paul Mpagi Sepuya Lecture | Friday, February 9, 12:30 pm | N100

Lunchtime Gallery Talk: Jon Vogt | Wednesday, February 21, 12:00 noon | Bridge Gallery 307

March Spring Exhibition Reception | Thursday, March 1, 6–8 pm

Scientific and Medical Illustration Exhibition 2018 Reception | Wednesday, March 7, 6:00 pm | Gallery 307

  Art Talks: Masud Olufani Lecture | Wednesday, March 7, 12:20 pm | S150
April BFA Design Exhibition Opening Reception | Friday, April 5, 6–8 pm
  BFA Exit Closing Reception | Friday, April 20, 6–8 pm
May BFA 2 Exit Closing Reception | Thursday, May 3, 6–8 pm


Past Exhibitions

January 2018 to February 2018
January 2018 to February 2018
January 2018 to February 2018
January 2018
October 2017 to November 2017
September 2017 to November 2017
September 2017 to October 2017
September 2017 to October 2017
September 2017 to October 2017