Each year, fifteen exceptional students join our vibrant community of artists and intellectuals. While here, they take studio and seminar classes, supplementing their studies in studio, art history, and art criticism with courses in other disciplines in the humanities and sciences that are relevant to their research agendas. Because, although their interests will be diverse, they will be united by their ambition to make art that matters, as well as their conviction that art is a form of inquiry in its own right, essential to the academic mission of the university and the production of knowledge as such.

MFA Degree

Students in the MFA program benefit from a flexible, forward-thinking curriculum that allows them to dig deep in one area or cross-pollinate and experiment. And, while their practice is advantaged by access to leading research in a variety of extra-aesthetic fields, our students also benefit from the intimacy of the art school and the micro communities of which it is comprised. Dedicated craftsman, designers, scholars, and artists, our faculty have expertise in a wide range of media, both old and new, and their research is engaged with a diverse array of themes and theoretical frameworks, including ecology, the inhuman, alterity, gender politics, postcolonial studies, mortality, and adornment. In this context and with the advantage of these resources, our MFA students are making objects and ephemera, performances and paintings, photographs and installations, lens-based work and jewelry, textiles and interiors, soundscapes and relational situations.

The Dodd offers generous, merit-based assistantships, as well as scholarships, tuition waivers, and research funds and is deeply committed to maintaining a diverse student body. 85% of our students are fully funded, and most students receive some form of financial support.