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Courses & Registration

Course Syllabi

The University of Georgia maintains a list of current course syllabi at the Syllabus System website.

Schedule of Classes

The University Schedule of Classes is now available online via the Office of the Registrar at their website.

Course Registration FAQs

Permission of Department (POD) Courses listed in the Schedule of Classes as POD require permission of the course instructor in order to register for that class. No paperwork is needed. Forms for Class Overload, Directed Study, Prerequisite Override, and Time Conflict for the School of Art are available in School of Art room C301F.

Course Bulletin

The University of Georgia Bulletin is the official database for academic matters of the University of Georgia. The Bulletin describes course content, programs of study, and financial aid information. You can explore and compare majors, search courses, and much more at their website.

Internship Credit

Find the School of Art policy on receiving credit for academic internships here.

Course Evaluations

To comply with the Board of Regents policy, all students in the Lamar Dodd School of Art will evaluate their courses online. These evaluations are extremely important to assist in both improving instruction and rewarding excellence. Though completion of these evaluations is mandatory, responses will be anonymous. The online evaluation form will be available during the final week of each semester at the Franklin College Course Evaluation site.


Please follow these five simple steps to complete your course evaluation.

  1. Visit the Franklin College Course Evaluation site. You will be redirected to the secure course evaluation web site. 
  2. Login using your UGA MyID and password. Your identity will not be associated with your responses. The web-based course evaluation application has been designed to encourage honest and open comments concerning the strengths and/or weaknesses of the instruction in the class. 
  3. Select the course/instructor to evaluate. Evaluations must be completed for each course listed. Generally, directed-study courses are not listed. 
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your evaluation. Unless otherwise specified, responses are required to all questions. You may enter “No Comment” or “NC” in the short answer section if you wish. 
  5. Click the Enter Evaluation button to submit your evaluation. Once you submit, you will not be able to make changes. If you need to complete evaluations for additional courses, return to Step 3.

Student feedback on instructional effectiveness is an important tool. Your comments are appreciated.  


A Graduation Check is recommended two semesters before anticipated graduation date. To schedule an appointment for a graduation check, visit the SAGE website. To request an electronic version of a graduation check, call the Graduation Certification Office at (706) 542-1522.

Minors are certified by the minor department; that certification is mailed to 130 Memorial Hall. Students approaching graduation with a Minor in Art History should see the chair of Art History for minor completion certification. 

Keep in mind the difference between commencement and graduation: commencement is the ceremony and graduation is the registrar's conferral of your degree.

For more information about Commencement, Career Services, or other senior-related links, visit the Office of the Registrar's website.


Educational Pricing on Software for UGA Students

The University of Georgia offers educational pricing on some of the most commonly used software, like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office, through Software Resource & Services. Log in with your MyID to see what is currently available.