International Invitational Exhibition features work of Eileen Wallace

Eileen Wallace, Lecturer in printmaking and book arts, has been invited to exhibit five prints in the international exhibition of letterpress printing at Atom Gallery in London from February 23–March 17, 2018. Curated by Pixel Press, the exhibition showcases exploration and creativity with letterpress printing techniques. The curators selected artists who bring to the fore the paramount role printers have played in this process and features printers who inspire other artists to continue with this time-honored traditional process in new and innovative ways. The curators selected five prints from Wallace’s series of works printed from the reverse side of wood type that has been kerned, gnawed at, or otherwise broken through use and abuse, resulting in work that exhibits the subtle shifts in color caused by the irregularities, the cracks and saw marks, and by the vulnerability of wood. 

Wallace is a letterpress printer & printmaker who received formal training in a traditional craft-based graduate program and has continued to research these fields and refine her interests. She is a former resident artist at Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC; is co-director emeritus of the Paper & Book Intensive (PBI) and has been a board member of Hand Papermaking Magazine. She curated the book Masters: Book Arts published by Lark Books in 2011.


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