C-U-B-E Exhibition: Watercolor Splice with Erin McIntosh

Watercolor Splice is a collaborative project between an artist, Erin McIntosh and the experimental design lab, C-U-B-E. Through the construction of watercolor collages, participants are exploring design through analog process, working out visual ideas through multiple compositions with playful but considered attention to color, shape, pattern, and contrast.

Room N231, Oct 29- Nov 17, 2016

Gallery Talk
Room N231, 7-8 p.m., Nov 11, 2016

Lauren Bowers, Griffin Dejoy, Jasmine Echols, 
Moon Jung Jang, Nicole A. Merizalde, Erin Moore
Prestin Smith, and Austin Veiger
the experimental design lab, C-U-B-E

Academic Area: