To Be Black and Female: Reflecting on Black Feminism and African American Women’s Art in Museums

Amber Coleman, MA candidate in Art Education, talks with Black Art in America, a media company and art gallery located in Columbus, Georgia, in her recent podcast, To Be Black and Female: Reflecting on Black Feminism and African American Women's Art in Museums. In the podcast she discusses her work and the related exhibition she recently curated in the Dodd Galleries. The show developed from her research and thesis titled, Understanding Black Feminist Theory and the Representation of African American Women’s Art in Museums: Engaging Black Women in Critical Dialogue. The purpose of the project is to critically examine and artistically reflect on how black feminist theory can be utilized to educate art museum visitors and curate African American women’s art in museums. The participants of the project included a group of young professional, black women. These women participated in field trips and created writings and works of art which focused on black/feminine experiences while exploring black feminist theory, African American women’s artwork, and museum educational practices. To Be Black and Female will be on view at the Dodd from October 12 to November 10. 

Coleman is currently pursuing her masters degree in Art Education in the School of Art. In addition to her work as a student she has been an active intern at the Georgia Museum of Art and integral to writing and curatorial efforts, particularly with works from African American and black artists.

Listen to the podcast here.


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