Recent MA & PhD Topics in Art History

Recent M.A. Topics in Art History    

"Henry Fuseli's 'The Nightmare': An Examination of the Recent Scholarship"
Melanie Davison, 2016

“The Virgin and her Purple Wool: Reenacting the Incarnation at the Altar”
Jessica Lynn Golden, 2016

"Anthropomorphic Mechanomorphs: Suzanne Duchamp’s Diversion from Man’s Machine Aesthetic"
Charlotte Jean Maier, 2016

“Every Movement Counts: Curating Dance at the Museum of Modern Art”
Hilary Schroeder, 2015

"Memento Park and Skopje 2014: Transition, Monuments, and Memory"
Linnea West, 2015 with Distinction

"Federico Barocci's Tale of Two Troys: Aeneas in Prague and Rome"
Megan Neely, 2015

"The Empathetic Gaze: Theresa Bernstein's Early Images of Women in New York City," 
Victoria Blanche Naden, 2014.

"Rites of Passage: Rineke Dijkstra’s New Mothers and Bullfighters Photographs"
Erin Dunn, 2014

"The Subtle Body in the Esoteric Buddhist Art of the Himalayas: Practice and Representation."
Linsday Ethridge, 2014 with Distinction

The Roman Display Contexts of the Three-Figure Reliefs
Natalie Fort, 2014

Projection as Paradise in Sarah Morris’ Los Angeles
Taylor Hobson, 2014

“Avant-Garde Mechanics: Montage Structures in Germaine Krull’s Métal and Joris Ivens’ De Brug,”
Erin McClenathan, 2013

A Measure of Grace: Measured Icons of the Russian Tsars (16th to 19th c.)
Stuart Gandy, 2013

"A Colorado Landscape: George Caleb Bingham's View of Pike's Peak"
Maggie Deiters, 2012

"Pan's Follower: Baccio Bandinelli's Villano Statue at the Boboli Garden"
Kathryn Frances Hall, 2012

"(Dis)embodiment in Christian Marclay's Telephonic Series and Video Quartet"
Emelie Matthews, 2012

"'Continuous Rupture': Identity and Postcoloniality in Dr. Lakra's Tattooed Pin-ups"
Kristina Stoll, 2012

"Alphonse Mucha's Slav Epic and the Projection of Czech Identity"
Joan Tkacs, 2012

“Claude Cahun and the Photographic Self”
Angela Woodlee, 2012

"Abolitionism, Memory and the Civil War in William Louis Sonntag's Virginia Landscapes"
Samantha Cole, 2011

"Leonardo da Vinci's Saint Jerome in the Wilderness: An Image of Spiritual Beauty"
Lindsay Marie Cox, 2011

"Aubrey Beardsley, Oscar Wilde and Salome as Aesthetic Parody"
Stacee L. Highsmith, 2011

"Space and Image: The Meaning of the Wall Paintings at the Hermitage of Ioannes(aka Ayvali Church, Cappadocia)"
Alev Turker, 2011

"Building and Traversing a 'Pocket Cathedral'  an Interdisciplinary Reading of William Morris’s Wood Beyond the World"
Laura Golobish, 2010

"Through a Shifting Lens: The Photo Criticism of Francis Wey"
Maria Graffagnino, 2010

“Photography, Presence, and Physicality in the Work of Vija Celmins"
D. Chad Alligood, 2009 with Distinction

"Hope for Salvation and Salvation Granted: The Bural Chapel and Reburial Ceremony of Pope Sixtus V in Santa Maria Maggiore"
Jenny M. Beene, 2009

“Cremaster 5: Mathew Barney and the Neo-Baroque”
Rebecca Brantley, 2009 with Distinction

"Erasing the Image, Revealing the Game: The Works of Paul Pfeiffer"
Nathanael Roesch, 2009 with Distinction

"The Indecorous Angel in Caravaggio's Inspiration of St. Matthew"
Katie Seefeld, 2009

"Portrait / Icon / Code: Marc Quinn's DNA Portraits and the Imaging of the Self"
Brigette N. Thomas, 2009

"Form as Content: The Miminalist Cube as Institutional Critique (1960-1969)"
Caroline Cason Barratt, 2008 with Distinction

“The Lascivie: Agostino Carracci’s Erotic Prints as the Sources for the Farnese Gallery Vault”
Waverley Wren Eubanks, 2008 with Distinction

"Elisabetta Sirani's Judith with the Head of Holofernes"
Jessica Cole Rubinski, 2008

"An Image of Southern Repose: Intentions and Implications of Thomas Addison Richard's River Plantation"
Kate Bruce, 2007 with Distinction

"Victor Hugo and Surrealism: Phantom Drawings, Automatism and the Occult"
Jill Allison Miller, 2007

The Image of a Queen: The Representation of Catherine De’Medici as Penelope in the Galerie D’Ulysse”
Elizabeth Miller, 2007 with Distinction

"Materiality, the Model and the Myth of Origins: Problems in Eighteenth-Century European Terracotta and its Reception"
Lauren R. Cannady, 2006

"Andea del Castagno's Last Supper"
Eva Maria Lundin, 2006

"How Do I Look: Identity and Photography in the Work of Nikki S. Lee"
Matthew R. McKinney, 2006

"The Riace Bronzes"
Michael Joseph Melen, 2006

"An Icon as a Prayer, a Poem as an Icon: The Personal Devotion of a Fourteenth-Century Poetess"
Bojana Bjelicic-Miletkov, 2006

"The Artists of Les XX: Seeking and Responding to the Lure of Spain"
Caroline Conzatti, 2005

"Thomas Moran's The Old Bridge Over Hook Pond: Uncertain Crossings"
Sandra Ann Pauly, 2005

"Man Ray and Futurism: An Overlooked Connection"
Sarah Carrison Bockel, 2004

"William Baziotes' Duality: Escaping the Ordinary and Finding the Extraordinary"
Sarah D. Crain, 2004

"Fra Angelico's Tempio Lamentation: A Consideration of its Function and Meaning"
Carissa Maria DiCindio, 2004

"Where Remote Futures Meet Remote Pasts: Prehistoric and Contemporary Earthworks"
Joshua Frederick Fisher, 2004

"Henrietta Shore in Point Lobos and Carmel: Spirit of Place, Essence of Being"
Mina Tocheva Stoeva, 2004

"Nicolas Poussin's Realm of Flora: Painted Poetry in 17t-Century Rome"
Amy Marie Costrini, 2003 with Distinction

"Raphael's Lo Spasimo di Sicilia"
Monica Culqui Jordan, 2003

"Michelangelo's Last Judgment: The Influence of the Laocoon and His Sons"
Michael Paul Kemling, 2003

"The Influence of Caravaggio on Jacques-Louis David's Development of French Neo-Classical Painting"
Erin Claire Martin, 2003 with Distinction

"Gino Severini and the Symbolist Aesthetics of His Futurist Dance Imagery, 1910-1915"
Shannon N. Pritchard, 2003 with Distinction

“Viewing the Back: The Reverse of Byzantine Icons”
Katherine Marsengill, 2001

"The Play of Nature: Nation and Domesticity in Winslow Homer's Croquet Series"
Heidi Domescik, 2001

"From Court to Pleasure Quarters"
Kendal Anne Korach, 2001

"Han Dynasty Chinese Funerary Art in the Georgia Museum of Art"
You Mi Kim, 2000

"Myth and Monument: The Sculptural Image of Robert E. Lee and the Ideology of the Lost Cause"
Christopher R. Lawton, 2000

"Talking of Michelangelo: Mark Rothko's Interior, 1936"
Mary Beth Looney, 2000

"Robert Mapplethorpe's Use of Mirroring, Reflection and Reversal 1949 to 1960"
Natalie C. Major, 2000

"An Analysis of the Form and Function of Gerrit Van Honthorst's Christ Before Caiphas"
Christine Rienstra-Kiracofe, 2000

"A Reconsideration of Andrea Mantegna's Minerva Overcoming the Vices"
Charles W. Tooker, 2000

'Fransciscan Pedagogy: The Transept Frescoes in the Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi"
Lisa A. Walli, 2000

"Early Iconography of the Indian Sun-God Surya"
David S. Efurd, 1999

"Max Ernst, Anticlericalism and the Crisis of Surrealism"
Kathryn M. Floyd, 1999

"Italy and the North: Rogier Van Der Weyden's Medici Madonna"
Amy E. Bardakjy, 1998

"Images of Female Piety and Devotion in Domenico Beccafumi's Stigmatization of Saint Catherine of Siena Altarpiece"
Mary D. Koon, 1998

"A Diachronic Exploration of Two Groups of Mythical Women on Attic Vases on the Archaic and Classical Periods"
John Stephenson, 1998

"Joeseph Fleeing Potiphar's Wife: An Allegory of Cosimo I De'Medici as Politician, Patriarch and Spouse"
Marissa Vivona, 1998

"The Franciscan Allegories in the Lower Church at San Francesco, Assisi: Form and Meaning"
Mary Anne Dougan, 1997

"James McNeil Whistler's The Artist in his Studio: A Study in the Concealment and Revelation of an Artist"
Rhonda Reymond, 1997

"Search for Identity Feminism and the Art of Ana Mendieta"
Kelly Dawn Baker, 1996

"Rereading Originality and Repetition: Matisse's L'Ecorche"
Shannon Kelley, 1996

"A Transformation in Consciousness: The Art of Nancy Spero"
Mary Lee Sullivan, 1996

"A Reconsideration of Rosso Fiorentino's Dead Christ"
Tiffanie Townsend, 1996.

"Edouard Manet's Olympia: A Critical Analysis of the Literature"
Bradley P. Fratello, 1995

"Essential Character: Images of African Americans by Howard Cook"
D. Elise Blitch Drake, 1995


Recent PH.D. Topics in Art History

Navigating a Land Divided: Charles Fraser, His Antebellum Landscapes and the Refinement of Southern Taste
Sandy McCain, 2015
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Janice Simon

The Power of Friendship: Amity and Politics in European Art and Gardens of the Eighteenth Century
Emily Everhart, 2015
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Alisa Luxenberg

The Art of Reconciliation: The World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans 1884
Sandra Pauly, 2014
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Janice Simon 

The Aesthetics of Absence: Mariele Neudecker, Thomas Demand, and Gregor Schneider
Sarah Crain, 2013
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Isabelle Loring Wallace

Michelangelo as Patron: The Construction of his Artistic and Social Identities through Portraiture
Mike Kemling, 2013
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Shelley Zuraw

Giambologna's Bronze Pictures: The Narrative Reliefs for Ferdinando I de'Medici and the Post-Tridentine Paragone
Shannon N. Pritchard, 2010
Graduate Student Excellence in Research Award in Fine Arts, 2011
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Shelley Zuraw

Cowboys and Indians: The American West in German Art of the Twentieth-Century
Teresa Bramlette Reeves, 2008
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Evan Firestone

For Glory and for Beauty: Richard Morris Hunt, George Washington George Washington Vanderbilt, and All Soul's Church, Biltmore Village, North Carolina
Rhonda Laseman Reymond, 2006
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Janice Simon

Narrative and Allegory in the Genesis Fresco Cycle in the Chiostro Verde, Santa Maria Novella, Florence
Amber Allison McAlister, 2003
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Andrew Ladis

"In the Fullness of Time:" The Vault Mosaic in the Cappella Sant'Elena, Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome
Cynthia Anne Payne, 2003
Graduate Student Excellence in Research Award in Fine Arts, 2004
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Shelley Zuraw

Painting Monstrosities: The Grotesque, Mannerism and Rosso Fiorentino
Tiffanie Paige Townsend, 2003
Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Shelley Zuraw

Franciscan Spirituality and Papal Reform: True Cross Cycles in Tuscany, 1388–1464
Phyllis M. Rambin, 1999
Doctoral Advisor: Andrew Ladis

The "Curious and Poite" World of William Hogarth's The Analysis of Beauty
Gail Kallins, 1998
Doctoral Adviser: Dr. Carolyn Wood