Michael Lachowski

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I finished classes in 1978 but took a year to finish my senior project in photography. During that time, I was forming the band Pylon with my roommate and fellow art student, Randy Bewley, then art students friends Curtis Crowe and Vanessa Hay. I had a number of jobs and art shows after Pylon broke up for the first time, then additional Pylon stints combined with Candy and Young, Foxy & Free magazine. I started working at the Georgia Museum of Art in 2012, and was honored to appear in a photography show at Lamar Dodd School of Art in 2014. The High Museum of Art purchased my drawing "Twins," (depicting two pylons and representing me and Randy Bewley) for their collection and the exhibition "Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines," June 18–Oct. 4, 2015.


Michael Lachowski, "Twins," 2012. Graphite on paper, 40 x 26 inches.