The Interdisciplinary Art and Design program at the Lamar Dodd School of Art is an AB degree option that allows students to discover a variety of media and techniques associated with studio art and design disciplines while maintaining the flexibility to build a more interdisciplinary program of study through elective coursework outside of Art. The Interdisciplinary Art and Design degree is intended for students who want to study art and design while having the ability to build a degree program with increased choice in academic and elective courses over a wider range of disciplines and offerings than is afforded by the more focused BFA programs in the School of Art.

Interdisciplinary Art & Design

The Interdisciplinary Art and Design program is only offered at the undergraduate level. Students pursuing the degree understand the non-verbal language of art and design in terms of artistic principles and application, can organize visual elements both rationally and intuitively according to understood artistic principles and are familiar with the major achievements in the history of art and visual culture. Students interested in pursuing an AB degree in Interdisciplinary Art and Design must first submit work through the portfolio review process. Learn more about the portfolio review process by which undergraduate students apply to their area of emphasis here. 

The program requires 27 hours in coursework in art and design beyond the studio art core coursework (Area VI of the core curriculum). Additionally, the AB degree in Interdisciplinary Art & Design requires the choice of one of two focus tracks: