Faculty Teaching & Research Awards

Franklin College Awards

Research Award

M. G. Michael Award 
This award is intended to stimulate new initiatives in scholarship in all areas of the Arts and Sciences. Its primary purpose is to encourage the development of a new (and perhaps adventurous) idea or project during the coming year. The Award implies faith in that purpose and in the ability of the faculty member selected to plan and conduct the proposed research; it is not given in recognition of previous research accomplishments.

Teaching Awards and Professorships

General Sandy Beaver Teaching Professorship
All faculty members of the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences currently holding tenure approved by the Board of Regents are eligible for candidacy. Beaver Professors will serve two-year terms. Faculty holding the Beaver Professorship must carry a normal teaching load in their department as determined by the Dean. Faculty with reduced teaching loads are not eligible for the professorship. In addition, because Beaver Professors are expected to take a leadership role as advocates for good teaching in their departments and in the College, faculty who take research leave during the term of their professorship must relinquish the position.

Sandy Beaver Excellence in Teaching Awards
These awards for excellence in teaching annually honor outstanding faculty in the Franklin College who have shown a sustained commitment to high-quality instruction. Full-time faculty of all ranks, but particularly those engaged in undergraduate teaching, are eligible for this $2,500 prize with the exception of those who have won the award in the past five years. 

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UGA Teaching Awards & Fellowships

J. Hatten Howard III Award and Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor
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Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professorships  
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Richard B. Russell Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
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Service-Learning Teacher Excellence Award
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State-of-the-Art Conferences
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Study in a Second Discipline Fellowships
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Special Professorships

Regents Professorships
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University Professorships
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UGA Office of Research Awards

Creative Research Awards
The Albert Christ-Janer Award, The Lamar Dodd Award, The William A. Owens Award
Outstanding contributions to research are recognized by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. through the Creative Research Awards program. The three awards target contributions in different areas of research/scholarship.

Creative Research Medal
The Creative Research Medal is awarded by the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc., to faculty as recognition of outstanding accomplishment in research and creativity for a research project or creative activity with a single coherent theme. Faculty at the University of Georgia are nominated for the Creative Research Medal by their colleagues and chosen by a committee of distinguished faculty representing both the humanities and sciences

Distinguished Research Professor
The appointment of Distinguished Research Professors at The University of Georgia is intended to recognize outstanding research or other creative, scholarly accomplishments and to provide the impetus for continuing high achievement.

Academic Entrepreneur of the Year Award
The Academic Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes the entrepreneurial achievements of a University of Georgia Faculty Founder. Must be a UGA faculty member who has started a company based on research originated at UGA.

Early Career Scholar Award 
The Michael F. Adams Award, The Fred C. Davison Award, and The Charles B. Knapp Award
The Early Career Scholar is recognized as the most promising up and coming researcher/scholar, whose trajectory projects remarkable success. Tenure-track faculty at the University of Georgia who have successfully passed their third-year review but have not yet been tenured.

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Public Service and Outreach Awards

Public Service and Outreach (PSO) Fellowship Program

The Public Service and Outreach (PSO) Fellowship Program provides support for tenure-track and tenured professors to immerse themselves in the work of a PSO unit for one semester. The experience provides opportunities for Fellows to enhance their academic courses, conduct research (e.g., applied, community-based, policy, program evaluation) and apply their academic expertise to outreach initiatives. An anticipated outcome of the Fellowship experience is the sustained involvement with Public Service and Outreach once Fellows return to their academic departments.

Faculty applies with letter of support from collaborating Outreach and Service Unit.

Service-Learning Fellows Program

The Service-Learning Fellows Program is a year-long faculty development program that provides an opportunity for selected faculty members to integrate service-learning into their teaching, research, and public service work while becoming recognized campus leaders in service-learning pedagogy and community engagement. (See below for sample outcomes from program participants.)

Faculty applies with letter of support from Unit Head.

Willson Center Grants and Awards

The Willson Center awards grants through competitions. Aside from the Graduate Research Award, grants and fellowships are awarded primarily to UGA tenured or tenure-track faculty.

Willson Center Special Funding Request
The Willson Center will consider special funding requests outside of established grant programs throughout the academic year, subject to availability of funds. These can include book subvention requests. 


Willson Center Fellows
Fellows are selected by an interdisciplinary UGA committee of distinguished artists and scholars. Fellowships support excellence in the humanities and arts by providing faculty with time to engage in research and creative activity.


Office of Research Faculty Research Grant in the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts
The Faculty Research Grant (FRG) for faculty in the arts and humanities supports and encourages the development of strong programs of research and creative scholarship by both junior and senior faculty in the humanities and arts. The Faculty Research Grant is funded by the Office of Research through the University of Georgia Research Foundation.

The Willson Center Public Impact Grant 
These grants supports faculty in the organization on campus of conferences, exhibitions, and performances that showcase humanities and arts research in a broad context. The Public Impact Grant is designed to offer interaction between national and international scholars and UGA faculty, students and the community.

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