"Off the Wall" Show by Foundations Students on View Through March 14

Off the Wall is a group exhibition by thirty first-year art students in Professor Imi Hwangbo's foundations Color and Composition classes. Working in small collaborative groups, students created large-scale drawings in black masking tape on the walls and floor of the Foundation​s Project Space in N105 of the main Dodd building. The show is on view March 2 through 14, 2017 and is open to the public.

Isabella Ballew, Abby Black, Amahi Cardona, Taylor Cartarphen, Jane Chang, Elizabeth Goggin, Rebecca Kabia, Taylor Hess, Mia Hofman, Katie Huang, Lauren Hutcheson, Diane Klement, Sara Kulwicki, Xixian Lu, Ansley Mayson, Parrish McWhorter, Lila Mitchell, Jillian Pehrson, Griffin Ramsey, Jill Robinson, Anna Robson, Carson Rutledge, Ella Settle, Kellie Shaw, Joe Shin, Arezou Taced, J.D. Thomas, Shuhan Yang, Connie Yoon, Sara Zaidspiner

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