"material culture: collage/assemblage"

Dodd Associate Professor of Art, Jon Swindler exhibiting at North Seattle College Art Gallery. “material culture” which is a group exhibition focusing on collage and assemblage. The selected artists stretch the classical definition of collage through their explorations of scale, scope, and their unique manipulation of materials. All of the work operates in a society that has primed each of us, individually, to absorb an abundance of information. In material culture, each artist is mining their own individual cache, presenting histories both appropriated and personal, in order to examine established systems and our interaction with visual culture. The work in material culture thoughtfully gathers the amassed visual information from within a culture of plenty and challenges the viewer to examine their own relationship to this culture.

Openning: September 28, 1-3pm & 5-7pm
Exhibition Dates: September 28 through November 11, 2016

Participating Artists:

Ken Bova – kenbova.com
Dixie Darling – yourdarlingdixie.com
Robert Hardgrave – roberthardgrave.com
Eva Isaksen – evaisaksen.com
Emily Rogstad – emilyrogstad.com
Joe Rudko – joerudko.com
Meredith Setser – meredithsetser.com
Jon Swindler – jonswindler.com

North Seattle College Art Gallery
96  College Way N
Seattle, WA 98103

Gallery Website: artgallery.northseattlecollege.edu   Facebook:  facebook.com/northseattlecollgeartgallery      Instagram: nscartgallery