Recent MA & PhD Topics in Art Education

Teachers’ Perceptions of a Collaborative Arts Professional Development Workshop
Nancy D. Herlihy, Summer 2016

Instanbul Beloved: A Researcher in the Bound Unity of Others
Sonya Turkman, Spring 2016

Piggies and Portraits Competing at the County Fair: An Ethnographic Case Study of Student Art Competitions
Frances Vaughn, 2016

The Possibilities of Freedom Within A High School Mixed Media Classroom
Amy Workman, 2016

Seeking Wide-awakeness: An Exploration of Engagement in a High School Visual Arts Course
Rebecca Williams, 2015

Painting a Picture of Change: Veteran Art Teachers’ Perspectives of Standards, Assessments, and Accountability in the Art Classroom
Drew Brown, 2015

The Triadic Tangle: The Influence of Implicit Beliefs and Expressive Outcomes on the Creative Becoming of Three Art Methods Students
Tammy Catherine Cline, 2015