The New York Maymester program is an intensive educational experience designed to provide students with the opportunity to live and study in New York City for three weeks during the month of May. Open to both undergraduate and graduate students, the NYC Maymester program uses the city as its classroom, and significant class time is devoted to visiting its world-class museums and galleries. In addition, students benefit from more intimate experiences, visiting artists and designers in their studios and networking with alumni who work in arts-related fields in New York.

All students enroll in two (2) three-credit courses: a contemporary art history class (required) and one of two courses offered in the fields of contemporary art and design. Information sessions are held each year, late in the fall semester.

>> Applications for Maymester 2018 due: Jan. 29

NYC Maymester Program


Explore the experiences of students during their NYC Maymester with Lamar Dodd.


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What have students said about the Dodd NYC Maymester Field Study?:

“Looking back on my trip, I can't help but recall the great experience I had at the Jim Campbell exhibition hosted by the Museum of Moving Image. I fell into Campbell's digital wonderland expecting little and walked out feeling enchanted, maybe even hypnotized, by the display. I can still feel the work resonating clearly and deeply within me on both a personal and academic level. While in my eyes the show by itself was incredible enough, my experience was heightened with a discussion of the methods and themes Campbell used, a discussion that was highly personalized to our individual interests as students. I think we would all agree in saying that seeing artwork in a book or on a screen is nice, but after seeing work like this in person, I really believe that nothing really compares to seeing it firsthand. I guess that goes to say that despite what I've tried to write here, I don't think I can adequately tell you what it was like to experience this exhibition or for that matter what it was like to catch a glimpse of the art world of New York City. That is where I find the beauty of this program: it offers a chance for students to see what is meant to seen. Not just read about it. Not just analyzed through reproductions. But SEEN. After all, if vision is that grand unifier of visual art, it should be given high priority in learning to understand art in its many forms, right?”

-Nic Walter, Maymester 2014

NYC Maymester Lamar Dodd

Comments from Dodd NYC faculty:


NYC Maymester Lamar Dodd

“It was incredibly exciting to see what happens when students are asked to examine the connections between their studies and life outside the classroom. This expanded context for learning and the exposure to diverse creative opportunities contributed to a truly meaningful learning experience for all of us.”

— Mary Pearse, Associate Professor of Jewelry and Metals

NYC Maymester Lamar Dodd

“New York is an important part of the professional scene, and whether you live there or not, knowing what is going on there is important for understanding the art business.”

— Marni Shindelman, Assistant Professor of Photography

NYC Maymester Lamar Dodd

“There’s no doubt that New York City offers advantages that the traditional classroom cannot, and the point of this program was to make the most of being in a city with incomparable museums, galleries, and artists. We returned home tired and with heads spinning, but also undeniably energized by the knowledge that so many artists and intellectuals are dedicated—with stunning, often provocative results—to the practice of contemporary art and design.”

— Dr. Isabelle Loring Wallace, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art, Associate Director of Research and Graduate Studies