Hosting Responsibilities for Visiting Artists/Scholars


— Guest: the visiting artist, designer, critic or scholar
— Host: named on the nomination form, typically faculty but can can be a graduate student deputized by nominator
Visiting Artist & Scholar (VAS) Committee Liaison: assists the host before and during the visit. Generally, the VAS committee liaison is responsible for logistics and interaction with administration, whereas the host is the primary point person and connection with the School community.
Host & Liaison
+ Stephanie Sutton, Graduate Office Assistant for the VAS & Dodd Chair Committee
+ Chair of the Visiting Artist and Scholar committee
When & What:
After being selected as a prospective visiting artist/designer/scholar/critic:

  • The Graduate Office Assistant contacts host, tells them their nominee has accepted. 
  • Host supplies the Graduate Office Assistant and VAS Chair with the best and most accurate contact info. (In some cases, it may be appropriate to have the host make the initial contact.)

After Guest accepts invitation (sent by VAS committee chair):

All communication between host and guest about scheduling, should cc: the Graduate Office Assistant and the VAS Chair.

  1. Host contacts Guest to set up a good time to visit considering factors in the school calendar, gallery schedule, and the host’s own schedule. The Graduate Office Assistant should be cc’d on their communication. If the guest is working in the Dodd galleries, Katie Geha should be cc’d as well.
  2. A contract finalizes the dates of the guest’s visit and contains relevant information regarding honoraria and reimbursement policies for food and travel. A template of a contract for the VAS lecture series available from the Graduate Office Assistant for reference. The host and guest agree on what will be in the contract and the dates and give this information to the Graduate Office Assistant.
  3. Once a date is finalized, the chair will request a member of the committee to be the liaison for the visit. The host of each guest will be paired with a VAS committee liaison to help arrange the schedule, promote the visiting artist, and support the host.
  4. The Graduate Office Assistant gives the final dates of the visit to April Myers who will create a written contract to the invited nominee.
  5. The contract should be reviewed by the host and liaison because every visitor’s responsibilities are slightly different, for example, the contract for the scholar will read differently from that for an artist with or without a gallery event. It should make clear that the air travel and ground transport is not purchased or reimbursed by UGA; the guest pays for their travel and is given an honorarium as determined by the committee and School Director.
  6. The contract is sent to the guest by the Graduate Office Assistant to be signed and returned to the business office well in advance of the guest’s arrival.
  7. The host writes <150 word bio of the visitor and description of their work to be used on individual and series posters, and gives this copy to the Graduate Office Assistant. 
  8. Promotional images must be provided by the visiting artist/scholar to the Graduate Office Assistant, preferably at least 2–3 images of work and head shot (optional). Images of work(s) should be minimum of 8 inches wide at 300 dpi (approx. 2400 pixels wide) for best reproduction on poster.

Once contract has been received and returned

  • The Graduate Office Assistant arranges accommodations, generally through the Georgia Center or Hotel Indigo.
    The guest is responsible for booking air travel according to the terms stipulated in the written contract.
  • The Graduate Office Assistant will also be in touch with the guest to confirm/get the details of their air travel itinerary, and acquire high-resolution images for the poster, promotion, and the calendar.
  • The Graduate Office Assistant will put the visit on the master calendar.

3 months before visit

The host and liaison collaborate to create an itinerary. It is the responsibility of the host to contact the artist to arrange programming for the 3-day visit. The host & committee liaison are responsible for creating an itinerary, dividing up the responsibility of making it available to all faculty in all interested areas, and accommodating requests for classroom visits and/or grad critiques across areas by the guest.

  • Invite, approach, and inquire broadly to increase the impact of the visit, but keep in mind the necessity of scheduling open and flexible time for artists to rest, recuperate, and recreate between working. Contact Marni Shindelman for recreation ideas.
  • Typically, an itinerary includes one or more of the following activities: individual or group critiques, studio demonstrations, participation on a panel discussion, or a second lecture on a topic related to an existing class or research agenda.
  • The Graduate Office Assistant tells the guest about options for getting from ATL to Athens on the Groome Shuttle, if the host or liaison can pick up from or drop off the guest at the airport or find a willing graduate student to do so, they arrange with the guest accordingly.
  • The Graduate Office Assistant sends Alan Flurry at Franklin College and Flagpole a list of artists/scholars and dates of their lectures.
  • The Graduate Office Assistant changes the copy and image on the individual poster template (or provides to designated designers). The Graduate Office Assistant shows a proof of the poster to the host before sending to UGA Bulldog Print + Deisgn, (706) 542-4440 for printing. The Graduate Office Assistant will have acquired high-resolution images for the posters from the guest.

One month before the visit

  • Committee Liaison sends the details of this preliminary itinerary to the Graduate Office Assistant.
  • The Graduate Office Assistant makes sure that advertising and posters are present in all Lamar Dodd facilities and press has been sent to Flagpole, Red and Black, etc….
  • The Graduate Office Assistant sends  Franklin College DIrector of Communications (Alan Flurry) the artist bio and any other pertinent info about the guest and their itinerary and activities.
  • A graduate student is selected by the committee liaison to interview the guest for Columns and possibly other publications; Flagpole, Banner-Herald, etc. The copy should be turned in to Alan Flurry 3 weeks before the visit.

Two weeks before the visit:

  • The committee liaison will email the Graduate Office Assistant a final completed itinerary listing all scheduled activities, meals, and escorts (i.e. those individuals charged with getting the artist/scholar from place to place).
  • The Graduate Office Assistant sends the PR and lecture notice to Communications Staff for the newsletter and social media.
  • The host will help arrange transportation while the artist is in Athens, including transportation to and from the airport. Groome Transportation is the shuttle service most frequently used for travel to/from the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. A graduate student can be selected to pick-up the guest from the airport, if necessary. The charge is the responsibility of the visiting artist.
  • The host and the committee liaison will invite select faculty members and students to meals with the visiting artist/scholar. The location of the meal is up to the host. Please Note: The total budget for meals is set at $400*. The invitees should be considered strategically to highlight the strengths and diversity of the school, i.e., possibly including an Associate Director, area chairs, grad students, or faculty that will contribute to the quality of the guest’s visit to the school.

*This money is meant to cover the total cost of dinner after the artist’s/scholar’s lecture and any costs incurred by faculty and students in attendance at other meals during the course of the artist’s/scholar’s visit. Entertaining the guest at group meals with faculty and grads is good for the school, and overages beyond the $400 may be acceptable provided the invitees are strategic and cleared prior to the meal in writing by the School of Art Director. At all other meals (not scheduled with invitees) are paid for by the guest themselves. It is the responsibility of the VAS committee liaison to explain this system to the guest and to plan the itinerary ahead of time with the above information in mind. Also note, if a graduate student is hosting, a faculty member is responsible for covering the cost of the dinner following the artist’s/scholar’s lecture.

During the Visit

While the artist or scholar is on campus the host is his or her primary contact. Generally, the VAS committee liaison is responsible for logistics and interaction with administration, the host is the primary point person and connection with the community of the school.

  • The host ensures that the itinerary is followed and that the artist/scholar arrives at the appropriate places at the appropriate times.
  • VAS committee liaison will make an appointment with Brandon Williams to set up visuals for the presentation an hour before the lecture. Arrangements must be made in advance to ensure that the artist’s/scholar’s software will work with the set-up in S151.
  • The host will introduce the artist before the Tuesday evening lecture, unless the host requests to do so.
  • The committee liaison will ensure that the artist/scholar has filled out, signed, and returned all necessary forms so that they can get paid! Committee liaison will return forms to the Graduate Office Assistant before the lecture, and during their stay. Please schedule this in the itinerary to ensure that this is done before the VAS leaves.

UGA Non-employee payment form

Unified Vendor form (W-9) must be filled out online (US Citizens)

  • The host is responsible for delivering the artist/scholar to the lecture with enough lead-time to ensure that all necessary AV equipment is in place and working.
  • The host will cover the costs of the meals out-of-pocket then must fill out and return an Entertainment Form and original check(s) and receipt(s) to the Business Office in order to be reimbursed. Entertainment form pdf