Nicole Pietrantoni Artist Lecture

​Nicole Pietrantoni's artwork explores the complex relationship between human beings and nature through installations, prints, and artists’ books. She will lecture on her work on Wednesday, March 22 at 12 pm in auditorium S150. With a specific interest in photography’s historic relationship to representation, her work draw​s​ attention to our active role in constructing and idealizing landscape. With references to the encyclopedic book form, the 19th-century panorama, as well as the Romantic painting tradition, ​Pietrantoni's work inte​r​rogat​es​ the tension between beautiful, picturesque images of nature and the near-constant threat of environmental change.  

Pietrantoni received her MFA and MA in Printmaking from the University of Iowa and her BS in Human and Organizational Development and Art History from Vanderbilt University. She is currently the President of the Board of SGC International, North America's largest professional organization dedicated to education and scholarship in the field of printmaking. Since 2012, Pietrantoni has been an Assistant Professor of Art at Whitman College, where she teaches printmaking and book arts.