New Grad Profiles MFA Student on PHOTO–EMPHASIS

Alex Kaus, one of the new graduate students to the School of Art for fall 2017, features Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay, a third-year MFA candidate in Photography, in a profile on the website PHOTO-EMPHASIS.

 Kaus recently graduated with a BA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He is joining the School of Art this year as a graduate student in the Photography department. He is the recipient of the Whitehead Graduate Art Fellowship at the School. His work has been exhibited across the United States, as well as published online by Light Leaked, Streit House Space, and FotoRoom, among others. His current body of work explores themes of transition, identity, and home.

Kaus founded PHOTO-EMPHASIS with artist Rana Young in June 2017. PHOTO–EMPHASIS is a platform for showcasing current and diverse photography made by established and emerging artists. It seeks to become a resource that helps promote photographic art, education, and community. As such, it has interviews that focus on the featured photographer’s institution.

Mukhopadhyay is a photographer in the third year of the MFA program at the School of Art. When Kaus asked Mukhopadhyay why he came to the University of Georgia to pursue graduate work, Mukhopadhyay replied:

Initially I applied to the University of Georgia because it was one of the well-known photo programs at a public university. Having researched work from recent graduates of the program it had also seemed that the program was open to interdisciplinary approaches, non-traditional and more contemporary ways of dealing with the photographic image. I was also keener to attend a longer three-year program to give my work some time to mature. Now that I am in the program, the substantial funding allows me to sustain myself through graduate school; the faculty are exceedingly friendly and supportive; and I gain two-years of teaching experience as an instructor.

See Mukhopadhyay’s entire profile on PHOTO-EMPHASIS.

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