Graphic Design Showcase by Sara Christensen

My Favorite Things, a design showcase created by Graphic Designer Sara Christensen will be hanging in the Dodd Glass Gallery (S365 on the third floor) through Wednesday, April 12. A reception will be held April 12 at 6:30 PM.

Christensen's work explores attentiveness and excellence of composition, using visual hierarchy to communicate both verbal and nonverbal elements of her clients' establishments. Her personal work often confronts tensions between matters in the world that are hard to reconcile, such as respect and honesty, fierceness and gentleness.

Christensen studied graphic design and fine art for five years, supplementing her academic instruction with technical courses on Adobe’s creative software. Since completing her Bachelor of Arts at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2013, she has been invited back to speak on campus and judge a senior scholarship in graphic design.

Christensen's portfolio consists of agency work, freelance projects, and creative endeavors from college. Most of the clients she works with are emerging businesses in need of brand development and WordPress customization, but her skills are not limited to these areas. Christensen's specialties include illustration, corporate identity, photo manipulation, infographics, website design, book jackets, and photo restoration. She dabbles in photography and interactive PDFs, and she knows just enough HTML5/CSS to be dangerous.

Some of the organizations and individuals she has contracted with in recent years include MeowBox, Mission Health, i2 Marketing, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Pixel Pictures, and Twisted Laurel, amongst many others.

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