Emerging Artist Lecture Series

Please join us for a series of artist talks by emerging artists working in painting, sculpture, fabric design, scientific illustration, ceramics, and photography.  These 30 minute talks will take place in N104 on Thursday evenings in March and April 2016.  The lectures are free and open to the public.
Thursday, March 31:
6:00 pm: Laura Deems, Fabric Design
6:30 pm: Hannah Ehrlich, Fabric Design
7:00- 7:10: Intermission
7:10-7:40: Morgan Van Meter, Fabric Design

Thursday, April 14:
6:00 pm: Mary Bell, Painting and Drawing
6:30 pm: Evan  Blackwell, Painting and Drawing
7:00- 7:10: Intermission
7:10-7:40: Morgan Brock, Fabric Design
Thursday, April 21:
6:00 pm: Emily Berry, Fabric Design
6:30 pm: Clare Carlton, Mixed Media
7:00- 7:10: Intermission
7:10-7:40: Lyndsy Harrison, Scientific Illustration
Thursday, April 28:
6:00 pm: Jamie Diaz, Ceramics
6:30 pm: Tyler Fisher, Sculpture
7:00- 7:10: Intermission
7:10-7:40: Dan Vu, Ceramics