Letter of interest guidelines

​Applying to be a Dodd Ambassador?

Things we would like to know about you:

How long you have been at Dodd? When did you pass the Portfolio Review? When is your anticipated graduation? What’s your overall GPA?  What is your anticipated or current area of emphasis? What is the best way to contact you?

Topics we are interested in hearing about; please feel free to include your experiences of any or all of these within your letter of interest to us:

Why you are interested in the program? How do your experiences at Dodd motivate you? What do you believe makes a good leader? Where have you developed your communication skills? How responsible do you feel you are?  n what other student and volunteer organizations are you currently and previously have been involved? What would you like to achieve if you are chosen as a Dodd Ambassador? What event, activity or occurrence have you experienced that you feel has shaped the person you are today?

You letter should be between 1–2 pages in length. Please provide us with an overview of who you are.   We look forward to hearing from you!

Email your letter to allison.miller25@uga.edu.