"Future Practice" by Frances Whitehead

Event Date: 
03/22/2016 (All day)
5:30pm, Dodd Auditorium S151

Frances Whitehead is a civic practice artist bringing the methods, mindsets, and strategies of contemporary art practice to the process of shaping the future city. Questions of participation, sustainability, and culture change animate her work as she considers the surrounding community, the landscape, and the interdependency of multiple ecologies in the post-industrial city. Connecting emerging art practices, the discourses around culturally informed sustainability, and new concepts of heritage and remediation, Whitehead’s cutting-edge work traverses disciplines to engage with engineers, scientists, and landscape architects, to hybridize art, design, science, and civic engagement, for the public good. Whitehead is Professor of Sculpture + Architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


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