Susan Roberts

Professor of Art
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By Appointment Only
N216, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Susan Roberts’ paintings and patterns can be seen in the built environment as murals, mosaics, exhibits and signage. Her work with architects on multi-faceted commercial projects has been distinguished by over thirty distinguished awards in design and architecture, including the American Institute of Architects AIA Honor Award for Interior Architecture.

As a colorist specializing in the design of architectural color palettes and environmental graphic design for upscale restaurants and food markets, Roberts’ recent work in the Philippines won thirteen international juried design awards.

As Creative Director of the Design Center at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, Roberts helps her students develop a grammar of color and design. In the studio Roberts applies multiple layers of paint on paper and canvas to build an  urban geometry where structural grids bring depth and perspective. A crowded grid-work city of vertical rectangles suggests a convergence between painting and architecture. The painter carries on a search for color’s ability to call up the metaphysical. The painter recognizes white as the most important stage for color, framed in a white grid or submerged in white wash, all on a white primer. Saturated color and abstract form can demonstrate color’s capacity to evoke structural design and more elusive effects.

Studio Painting

The application of oil, acrylic and gouache paint on paper and canvas for exhibition and art collection.

Colorist, Art Director

A Colorist specializing in the design of architectural color palettes and graphic design for buildings, upscale restaurants and food markets. Interior and exterior color integrated in the built environment: murals, signage, exhibits and a range of building materials.

Environmental Graphic Design

Architectural graphics for 3D and 2D multi-faceted commercial projects. Typography and Image in the built environment as murals, mosaics, exhibits, signage, etc.

Research Detail: 

Art Color Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Colorist, Art Director, Studio Painting