Mahera Khaleque

Part-Time Instructor
Office Hours: 
By Appointment Only

Originally from Bangladesh, Mahera Khaleque moved to the United States for higher education. Khaleqaue has received an MFA in Drawing and Painting from the Lamar Dodd School of Art (Dodd), University of Georgia. In 2015, Khaleque has presented her thesis work at the Georgia Museum of Art, Atlanta Decorative Art Center, and at Rogue Gallery, NewYork. In the summer of 2014, she had an installation exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a result of her month-long research residency at Britto Arts Trust. Khaleque has also received the 2014 Mary Rosenblatt Graduate Teaching Award for excellence in teaching. She has joined the Dodd as an adjunct faculty from fall 2015.

Research Detail: 

My work refers to history, memory and the reconciliation of my internal struggle as a diaspora artist, with a sense of loss as well as a desire to belong. Through additive and reductive processes, I address the idea of presence and absence that are revealed and concealed in numerous layers. Three themes characterize my investigations: palimpsest, asemic writing and a sense of chaos. Balanced concoctions of these three are instances where the most interesting results tend to unfold.

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