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Dr. Alisa Luxenberg, Professor of Art History, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in 18th- and 19th-century European art and the early history of photography. Her research tends to launch from the object and the archive, but always on the way to exploring the richest possible range of significance. She is the author of two books: The Galerie Espagnole and the Museo Nacional, 1835-1853: Saving Spanish Art, or The Politics of Patrimony (Ashgate, 2008); and, Secrets and Glory: baron Taylor and his 'Voyage pittoresque en Espagne' (Centro de Estudios Europea Hispánica, 2013). Having participated in the organization of several exhibitions, she contributed essays in their accompanying catalogues, such as, Spain, Espagne, Spanien (New York, 1993); Spain in the Age of Enlightenment (Indianapolis, 1997); Mehr Licht: Europa um 1770 (Frankfurt am Main, 1999); and, La Commune photographiée (Paris, 2000).


"Knowledge by Design: Celedonio de Arce's Nature Prints, between Evidence and Representation," Journal of Illustration, II: 1 (Fall 2015): 7-29.JoI_Luxenberg.pdf

"Printing Plants: The Technology of Nature Printing in Eighteenth-Century Spain,” chapter in Art, Nature, and Technology: Renaissance to Postmodernity, edited by Camilla Skovberg Paldam and Jacob Wamberg (Farnham, UK and Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, 2015). pp. 133-146. Printing Plants.pdf

“Patrimony and Museum Politics in the 19th Century: The Louvre’s Galerie Espagnole,” International Foundation for Art Research Journal, 9; 3/4 (2007): 19-28.

"Regenerating Velázquez in Spain and France in the 1890s," Boletín del Museo del Prado 17; 35 (1999): 125-49.

“’The art of correctly painting the expressive lines of the human face’: Duchenne de Boulogne’s Photographs of Human Expressions and the École des Beaux-Arts,” History of Photography 25; 2 (Summer 2001): 201-212.

"Creating Désastres: J. Andrieu's photographs of urban ruins in the Paris of 1871," The Art Bulletin 80; 1 (March 1998): 113-137.

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French-Spanish artistic confrontation and exchange

Modes of realism

Intersections of art, photography, and science (nature prints)

Léon Bonnat

Freemasonry and art

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August 9, 2017