Camouflage Show by Foundations Students

Left: Crutch in front of first floor vending machine. Right: Stuffed animal near N105.
Thursday, April 6, 2017 to Thursday, April 13, 2017
12:00 pm
Throughout the Dodd

Students paint an object so that it is camouflaged in its environment from a specific point of view, exploring color matching in real time and space. The project is inspired by Liu Bolin's performance paintings. These hidden objects may be discovered all throughout the Dodd, or can be located using the site map

Artists: Isabella Ballew, Abby Black, Amahi Cardona, Taylor Cartarphen, Jane Chang, Elizabeth Goggin, Rebecca Kabia, Taylor Hess, Mia Hofman, Katie Huang, Lauren Hutcheson, Diane Klement, Sara Kulwicki, Xixian Lu, Ansley Mayson, Parrish McWhorter, Lila Mitchell, Jillian Pehrson, Griffin Ramsey, Jill Robinson, Anna Robson, Carson Rutledge, Ella Settle, Kellie Shaw, Joe Shin, Arezou Taced, J.D. Thomas, Shuhan Yang, Connie Yoon, Sara Zaidspiner

Instructor: Imi Hwangbo

Image: Left: Crutch in front of first floor vending machine.  Right: Stuffed animal near N105.