The mission of the School of Art is to develop the creative and scholarly potential of its students, to support the faculty in its pursuit of excellence in teaching and research, and to serve the public and appropriate professional constituencies.

In order to accomplish this mission, the School of Art’s goals are:

  1. to maintain a comprehensive array of offerings;
  2. to provide quality curricula in all areas;
  3. to hold a leadership position in visual arts education in the Southeast and beyond;
  4. to be available to assist the community;
  5. to maintain associations with relevant professional organizations.

As the flagship program in the State of Georgia, these are not only goals, but responsibilities of the School of Art. The School of Art’s educational mission also includes extending general education opportunities in the visual arts to all students at the University of Georgia to enable them to fully appreciate and make critical judgments about art. In fulfilling this commitment, the School of Art serves as an advocate for the belief that art and design are important for the quality of life. The School of Art not only strives to prepare students for personally meaningful careers, but recognizes that it also must help create a receptive environment for the visual arts. The School of Art’s advocacy starts with its students, but, whenever possible, extends to the community, the state and the nation.