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General ​Forms

Foundation Entertainment
Guest Parking Pass Request Form
LDSOA Course Banking Proposal
LDSOA Key Request Form
LDSOA Budget / Lab Fee Charges
LDSOA Fax Form
LDSOA Live Model Policy
LDSOA Office Work
LDSOA P-Card Log
LDSOA Nature Lab Permission Form
LDSOA Travel Support Request
LDSOA Digital Image Request Form
New Course Application
Study Abroad Approval Process Information
Surplus Authorization Form
Off-Campus Equipment Form
POD Roll
Per Diem Rate App
UGA Honoraria
UGA Faculty / Staff Leave Form
UGA Surplus Property Form
UGA Travel Authority
UGA Travel Expense
In-state Travel Form
Vendor Profile Form (for use if a preferred vendor is not in UGAMart or Accounts Payable system)
Form W-9 / Request for Taxpayer Identification Number

Departmental Documentation

Governance Document
Area Head Handbook
Current Gallery Exhibition Schedule
Current Committee Assignments
Graduate Handbook
Faculty and Staff Contact List
Faculty Guidebook

Scholarship Forms

Area Scholarship Nomination
Bailey Art Scholarship Nomination
Cliff Chandler Scholarship Nomination
Dorothy McRae Scholarship Nomination
W. Robert Nix Award of Excellence in Art Education
W. Robert Nix Art Education Scholarship Nomination
Sue Woodruff Cromartie Graduate Art Education

Other Information

UGA Syllabus System
UGA Travel Policy
Course Evaluations - Faculty Login
Guidelines For UGA Events Where Alcoholic Beverages are Served
Online Class Rolls
Promotion and Tenure Criteria