There are various types of assistantships available on a competitive basis to incoming students. In order to be considered for an assistantship, you must complete the assistantship application (Assistanship Application) and submit it with your application materials. Current students are automatically considered for assistantships each year.

Assistantship stipends are currently $12,195 per academic year for a master’s student and $12,960 per academic year for a doctoral student. The total award is equivalent to the annual stipend plus a tuition waiver of $4,246 (resident) or $12,950 (non-resident) per semester. Students pay just $25 per semester for tuition and fees of around $1,129 per semester.

Assistantship opportunities include: ​

  • Grading for art history or art education courses
  • Working in the Art Library
  • Assisting in the Dodd Galleries
  • Assisting studio areas as a tech, model coordinator, etc.
  • Teaching in the foundations area—available to second or third year MFA students
  • Teaching introductory courses in art history and art education—available to doctoral students

There are several Graduate School assistantships that are competitive and awarded across the campus. Graduate School assignments usually involve a grading or studio assistance as well as research or creative activity related to the mission of the school. Students do not apply for these opportunities, but all applicants are considered.

Graduate School Assistantship:
Awarded to MA students in art history by the Graduate School based on departmental nomination. This is a two-year non-teaching award.

Graduate Dean Award for MFA students:
Awarded to MFA students by the Graduate School based on the nomination of the Graduate Coordinator. This is a two-year non-teaching award.

Graduate Recruitment Opportunities Assistantship (GRO):
Awarded to underrepresented students by the Graduate School based on departmental nomination. This is a two-year non-teaching award. See below for criteria; if you believe you qualify for this award, please let us know when you submit your application.

The GRO Assistantship is designed to include any entering graduate student who is considered first generation, educationally or economically disadvantaged, or has some aspects of a uniquely diverse background that adds to their discipline of study. Nomination for the GRO Assistantship is determined by the departmental admission process and is forwarded to the Graduate School for consideration.

Regent’s Out-of-State Tuition Waiver (ROOST):
Awarded to out-of-state students by the Graduate School based on departmental nomination. ROOST waivers are competitive and nomination does not guarantee receipt of a waiver. ROOST will waiver the non-resident portion of a student’s tuition.


Assistantships in interdisciplinary arts research are available to students in art, music, theatre, and film studies. They are awarded on a competitive basis following departmental nomination. You must submit a separate ICE application and express your interest when you apply in order to be considered for this award. Please see the ICE page for more information.


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