Ted Saupe

Ted Saupe
Professor of Art
Area Chair for Ceramics
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By Appointment Only
Ceramics Building

MFA University of Wisconsin 1979
BFA California College of Arts and Crafts 1972

Professor of Art, University of Georgia 1992–2016
Professor of Art, University of Tennessee 1979–1992

Gallery Affiliations:
Signature Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM
The Nevica Project, Chicago, IL
Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN

Ted is a full time ceramic artist, who has focused on the vessel for most of his career. He is currently working on a series of hand constructed vessels. The textured surfaces are covered in black line paintings, referencing the history of ceramics and personal iconography. 


Research Detail: 

I am most directly interested in the utilitarian pottery of the southeastern United States from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the country pottery of Oribe, Japan. Both styles of pottery were made for the storage and serving of food. Both were fairly simply made with minor decoration and glazing. And both were made in a spirit of directness and respect for the material and the process. I have always loved these pots from different cultures and am really trying to capture some of the freshness and strengths of these two influences.

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