BFA Exhibition Guidelines & Installation Rules


  • Destruction of the gallery wall or floor is prohibited.

  • Do not use drywall anchors or 2-sided tape as they destroy drywall!

  • Only students are allowed in the galleries for installation (no parental help, etc.).

  • Find floorplans for each gallery space here.


Destruction of the gallery wall or floor is prohibited. Writing and painting on walls is NOT advised (If necessary for the piece, discuss with Gallery Director and your major Professor). Do not use drywall anchors or 2-sided tape—these destroy the drywall! Consult your major Professor or the Gallery Director for installation options. You are responsible for lighting the exhibition.

  • Exhibitions should be installed beginning 10 am on the day scheduled for installation. Exhibitions must be removed immediately following the last viewing day of the exhibition. (Usually we have 24 hours before the next BFA Exhibition group—they need to receive the galleries in the same condition you did.)
  • You are responsible for any costs related to your exhibition. These include framing, wiring, and labeling of pieces. Each group is responsible for promotion of BFA exhibitions, including show cards, posters/fliers, and vinyl wall signage. Gallery will contact media. The best deal locally for show cards is Bulldog Print and Design on campus: (706) 542-4440 or They are fast and cheap. For vinyl wall text, I recommend Fastsigns (706) 433-0350, but there are many local options. Consult the Gallery Director if you don’t have directions for applying the vinyl to the wall. Also available to each group are templates used by the Dodd Galleries for cards and labels.
  • Tools such as ladders, levels, tape measures, etc. may be checked out at the discretion of the Gallery staff. Return all such materials to the Gallery storage area. You will be responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken tools or equipment. You will be asked to patch and sand the holes during de-install. My team will paint the walls. Any elaborate reconstruction or damage to the galleries is the responsibility of the individual student!
  • Any exhibition or installation that may constitute a threat to the safety of persons occupying the space or that violates any University of Georgia policies will be removed without notice. Consult your major Professor, George Belcher, or Katie Geha before attempting something with risks/needs.


  • You are responsible for the cost of your reception.
  • You must clean up and dispose of trash following your reception.
  • You may borrow reception tables, tablecloths, and serving ware from the Gallery staff.  These must be cleaned and returned following your reception. Do not take tables and chairs from any other rooms without permission.
  • You must purchase napkins, plates (if necessary), and plastic ware, and ice for the event. We calculate approx. 250 people will attend the Spring BFA Exit show.


You MUST comply with the University of Georgia’s alcohol policy: 

  1. Only wine and beer in cans is permitted at receptions. No kegs or beer bottles allowed.
  2. The Gallery will provide a bartender for the exhibition reception
  3. There must be a balance between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages at any event.
  4. When alcohol is served, there must be plenty of food available.
  5. Serve only food that can be picked up with fingers (keep it simple!)
  6. Service of alcoholic beverages must be discontinued at least a half hour before the event is scheduled to conclude.
  7. Recommended quantities of drinks (for entire BFA group show, not individual exiting groups): 55 bottles of 750ml of wine and 200 cans of beer and 75 bottles of water. If no beer is being served: 90 bottles of 750ml of wine. We recommend you purchase wine and beer from either Trader Joes or 5 Points Bottle Shop.
  8.  When purchasing beer and wine stick with one or two kinds of options (i.e. all  the same white, all the same red, one kind of beer). We only have 1–2 bartenders and need to keep the line moving.