Registration FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

Are you having trouble registering? You’ve come to the right place! Please review the common registration problems below for answers to frequently asked questions. 

There is a hold on my account.

If you attempt to register and you get a notice that there is a HOLD on your account, click on the HOLD for further information. Follow the directions to clear the hold.

I’m trying to register for a class, but I’m getting the following Registration Add Error message from ATHENA:

Prerequisite course not met

You are getting this message because you have not taken the required prerequisite courses. If you are interested in this course, take the prerequisite course this semester so that you may take the course you’ve attempted to add in the future. If you feel that you should not have to take the prerequisite, you can contact the area chair of the course you would like to take and ask for special permission. Pick up a blue Prerequisite Override form from Jorie Berman, fill it out, have the area chair sign, and return it to Jorie.

Course Closed 

You are getting this message because the course is full. If you would like to register for a course that is full, pick up a yellow Course Overload Permission form from Jorie Berman, fill it out, have it signed by the instructor (or area chair, in the case that the course is taught by a graduate teaching assistant), and return the form to Jorie. If you are given permission for a capacity override, the course will still appear to be full. Enter the CRN of the course into a blank on the Add Classes Worksheet at the bottom of the Add/Drop page via ATHENA, and submit changes.

Permission of Major Required

You are getting this message because the course (or specific section of the course) you are attempting to register for is restricted to specific majors or areas of concentration. Some of the courses we offer are open to any UGA students, some are restricted to Art Majors/Minors, and some are restricted to specific areas of concentration (like Graphic Design or Printmaking). If you are not an Art Major or Minor, but would like to take a class that is restricted, you may contact the area chair and ask for special permission. Pick up an orange Non-Major Student Access Form from Jorie Berman, fill it out, have the area chair sign, and return it to Jorie. 

If you are an Art Major or Minor and think you are getting this message in error: Have you changed your major or minor officially? If you have not, do so! 
Check a different section of the same course. We often link two sections together; one will have seats open to Art Majors/Minors while the other has seats restricted to a particular area of emphasis. You can see what the restrictions are for each section when you click on the class in ATHENA.

Time Conflict

If you have a time conflict between two classes, you may pick up a green Time Conflict Override form from Jorie Berman, have the two professors whose classes conflict both sign the form, and return it to Jorie.

Permission of Department Required

Several classes require the permission of department, or a POD. What this means is that you need instructor permission. Instructors create a POD list of student names and 81#s that they give to Jorie Berman in the School of Art main office, who then gives the students on the list access to the course in question. If you would like to take a course that has a POD restriction, contact the professor teaching it and ask to be placed on his or her POD list.

I would like to register for a Directed Study, Internship, Teaching Practicum, or Research Hours. How do I do this?

Each of these courses requires permission from the instructor with whom you will be working.
Pick up a pink Directed Study form from Jorie Berman, fill it out, have the instructor sign it, and return it to Jorie.

Note: After you have dropped off your form and Jorie Berman has processed it, you must still register for the class via ATHENA.