The minors in art provide undegraduate students with the opportunity to integrate creative and artistic practice with other academic or research pursuits.  

Minors in Art and Design

Requirements for the Minor in Studio Art

The Studio Art Minor consists of 24 credit hours: 9 hours of prerequisite courses and a minimum of 15 hours of studio coursework.
A maximum of 6 hours of transfer credit hours allowed (with School of Art approval).

Prerequisite Courses (9 hours):

  1. ARST 1050 Drawing I
  2. ARST 1060 Color Composition OR ARST 1080  3D Design (choose one)
  3. ARHI 2300 Art History I  OR ARHI 2400 Art History II  (choose one) 

Required Courses (15 hours):
Take (15 credit hours/5 courses) across a variety of areas as follows:

  • Two (2) 2000-level studio courses (6 hours)
  • Three (3) studio courses (9 hours) at the 3000 level or above

(There is no guarantee that all minor courses can be taken in one area of concentration, but student should plan accordingly for upper-level studio choices by taking the appropriate 2000-level prerequisites):

Notes on the Studio Art Minor:

  • Students can not both major and minor in Art.  
  • Required prerequisite studio art core courses must be competed before taking upper-level studio courses.
  • Courses taken to satisfy Core Areas I through V may not be counted as course work in the minor.
  • Courses taken in Core Area VI may be counted as course work in the minor.
  • The studio art minor is intended as a general course of study, so students may not focus in only one area (such as Ceramics or Printmaking, for example).

Minor in Design + Media

Beginning in fall 2018, the new minor in Design + Media will consists of 15 hours of coursework focused on time-based media, photography and design; and does not require any preliminary studio core coursework. Students will select 3 courses (9 hours) from four optional studios in photography, typography, video or time-based media; one seminar course related to contemporary and/or modern art history, design, culture and criticism; and one additional elective course at the 3000-level or above in any area of studio art or design area, or art history.

Requirements (15 hours total)

Select 3 of the following courses (9 hours):   
  • ARGD 2030 Introduction to Typography in Visual Culture    
  • ARST 2210 Introduction to Photography and Image Culture    
  • ARST 3205 Video Concepts and Practice    
  • ARID 4410 Time Based Design
One of the following couse (3 hours):
  • ARGD 3070 The History of Graphic Design
  • ARHI 065 Modern Art History
  • ARHI 3530 Modern Photography
  • ARHI 3080 Introduction to Contemporary Art
  • ARHI 3300 History and Theory of Modern Design
  • ARTS 4910 Topics in Art, Criticism, and Culture

One of the following courses (3 hours):

  • Any ARST/ARTS/ARGD/ARID/ARHI course at the 3000-level or higher

How to Declare an Art Minor:

  1. First go on Athena, to Student Records, then My Programs, and select Studio Art Minor.
  2. Then please email the School of Art Advising office notifying them that you have added the art minor. Include the following information:
  • Your 810/811#
  • Your current major
  • You intended graduation date
  • Art courses completed or in progress to date as well as any AP art credit received.

Upon receipt of your confirmation email, you will be added to the School of Art minor listserv to receive notices and updates on available courses and news from the School of Art.