Checkout for Audio/Visual Equipment

The Lupin Foundation Technology & Research Kiosk

S248 // 2nd Floor Atrium, Main Art Building
open: Monday–Friday
hours: 9am–4pm


Online Reservations here

(the link is only accessible from on-campus locations)


Many items in the CAVE are reserved for students in a specific class or major. General use items available to all CAVE patrons include:

  • Tripods and light meters
  • 35mm film cameras
  • Digital & video cameras
  • Audio recorders
  • Speakers, headphones & wireless mic kits
  • Lighting kits
  • projectors & monitors
  • DVD & media payers
  • iPads
  • A/V Cables and Adapters

A detailed list of all available equipment can be accessed here or online through the reservation link (the link is only accessible from on-campus locations)


Equipment is for use by School of Art students, faculty, and staff.

2 day checkouts for undergraduates:

  • checkouts on a Monday will be due back on a Wednesday
  • checkouts on a Thursday will be due back on a Monday

4 day checkouts for grads and faculty:

  • checkouts on a Monday will be due back on a Thursday
  • checkouts on a Thursday will be due back on a Wednesday

Special exceptions will exist for specific classes

Patrons will be held responsible for any loss or damage of equipment.
Checkouts over $1000 require proof of insurance. Students will find affordable coverage at

  • $3,000 coverage for $92 a year
  • $4,000 coverage for $106 a year
  • $5,000 coverage for $131 a year


A pro-rated $20 per day late fine will be applied for ALL and ANY late items beginning 30 minutes after the scheduled return time.  


Items reported lost will incur a $60 fine plus the replacement cost of the lost item. 


Outstanding fines will result in barred access to the checkout center as well as holds placed on student transcripts and registration until the fine is paid.

The Checkout for Audio and Visual Equipment will accept cash or check; no credit cards.

 Online Reservation Instructions:
  1. Go to this link (using any computer on campus)
  2. Enter using your UGA myID and password.
  3. Click the "+" on the Future Reservations tab. (on right side of tab; you may need to scroll over or expand your browser window)
  4. Browse inventory.
  5. Click the "+" next to the equipment item(s) you would like to reserve.
  6. Set "Start" time and date for when you would like to pick up your reservation. (top left)
    — pick-ups can only be made between 10am–11:30am; 1pm-2:30pm Monday–Friday 
    — an hour turn-around time is required for items currently checkout out. (So if a checked-out item that you would like to reserve is being returned at 10am, the earliest you can set the start time of your reservation is 11am)
  7. Set "End" time for when you will return your checkout.
    — returns can only be made between 10am–11:30am; 1pm-2:30pm Monday–Friday
    — max checkout time for grads and faculty: 4 days (not counting Saturday/Sunday)
    — max checkout time for undergrads: 2 days (not counting Saturday/Sunday)
  8. Click "Confirm" to confirm your reservation. (if you instead see a red hand error message, you may need to re-enter your "start" and/or "end" time)