Area Portfolio Review Week

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spring 2018 dates:

Installation: Wednesday, Feb. 28 – Sunday, March 4

Review: Monday, March 5 – Thursday, March 8

Notification: Friday, March 9*


*Area Chairs: Please fill out this Document of Accepted Students (PDF) and e-mail to or drop off at the Advising Office, N300. Please notify your students of their acceptance on Friday, March 9th. It is not the responsibility of the Advising Office to notify students.

Dodd Portfolio Requirements:

Each student participating in the Portfolio Review must turn in one copy of the Portfolio Review Form (PDF) to the area of which they are applying as well as back to the Advising Office, N300 in which they are applying along with their portfolio submission. Each application must include the following:

  1. Area(s) of Choice (students are encouraged to apply to two separate areas)
  2. Statement of Interest (typed, one-page paper relating your interest in the area)
  3. Copy of Transcripts (copy of a degree works audit)

Area Chairs will provide their area-specific requirements. Typical portfolio submissions include the following:

  • examples of area-specific coursework
  • examples of coursework from Foundations Courses

Each studio area will provide an installation site for students to set up their work for review by faculty. This will allow faculty from all areas the opportunity to visit each facility in order to see the scope of the progress of our students through roughly three semesters of coursework at the Dodd.

Individual Area Requirements:

Art Education

Submit the following documents to eLC:

  1. Typed and signed Art Ed Early Experience Form
  2. Current degree audit (printable from Degree Works)
  3. 500-word statement outlining your reasons for majoring in art education
  4. Evidence of GACE scores or exemption which includes a combined minimum 1000 SAT: Verbal-Critical Reading and Mathematics/ 43 ACT
  5. 5 Digital images of artwork created in university studio courses. Please label each file with course name (e.g. last name.studiowork.ARST2110.pdf).

Contact Area Chair of Art Education Lynn Bustle with any questions. 

  1. Two to three fired ceramic pieces, either utilitarian pots and/or ceramic sculptures
  2. Include at least one drawing or painting

For more information on applying to Ceramics, click here. Contact Area Chair of Ceramics Ted Saupe with any questions. 

Fabric Design

Portfolio Review F 17.jpg

For more information on applying to Fabric Design, contact Area Chair Jennifer Crenshaw

Graphic Design

Graphic Design will not participate in Spring Portfolio Review. For more information on applying to Graphic Design, contact Area Chair Marni Shindelman

Interior Design

For more information on applying to Interior Design, contact Area Chair Thom Houser. 

Interdisciplinary Art and Design (AB)
  1. Up to 5 pieces of your best work
  2. A statement on why you want to pursue this major and become an Interdisciplinary Artist or Designer. (Max 500 words.)

Hang work in first floor North hallway between N100 and N104. For more information on applying to Interdisciplinary Art and Design, contact Area Chair Chris Garvin

Jewelry and Metalwork
  1. One example of 3-D work from Foundations
  2. One example of 2-D work from Foundations
  3. Work done in Beginning Jewelry Class if taken
  4. Sketchbook 

For more information on applying to Jewelry and Metalwork, click here. Contact Area Chair of Jewelry and Metalwork Mary Pearse with any questions. 

Painting and Drawing

For more information on applying to Painting and Drawing, click here. Contact Area Chair of Painting and Drawing Margaret Morrison with any questions. 


Choose your 15 best images/ videos from your intro class. Write a narrative statement about your interest in photography (no more than 1 page). Think of it as a story to tell us about what photography means to you. We are looking for work that shows successful image making, both conceptually and technically. You may have 30% of this be from past projects not from this class. Format these images with the specifications below and upload them here.

Portfolios not formatted correctly will not be viewed.  

File Requirements

FILE NAMES:  initials+001 ex: MS001
Images as JPGS: 1600px on the longest side
Statement as PDF
Videos: .MOV or .MP4: Max time 3:00 minutes per video

Address any questions to Area Chair Marni Shindelman.

Printmaking and Book Arts

Students interested in applying to Printmaking and Book Arts can hang their work up on the gray wall outside of S265. Please include:

  1. (5) pieces, which can be all prints or a combination of prints/books/other art–drawings, paintings, etc.
  2. Transcripts and a statement as to why they want to be a print major. This can be turned in to any printmaking professor or grad student.

For more information on applying to Printmaking, click here. Contact Area Chair of Printmaking and Book Arts Melissa Harshman with any questions. 

Sculpture/Art X

For more information on applying to Sculpture, click here. 

Contact Area Chair of Sculpture and Art X Martijn van Wagtendonk to schedule an entrance meeting.