Policies & Procedures

It is the responsibility of the student to be familiar with the School of Art Policies and Procedures.

Attendance Policy

Students taking classes within the Lamar Dodd School of Art are subject to a general attendance policy.  Students should also be familiar with their individual instructors' attendance policies, which can be found on the course syllabus and may have additional requirements that involve enrollment and grade consequences.

“A student who incurs an excessive number of absences may be withdrawn from a class at the discretion of the professor.”  For more information on the University attendance policy, please see the UGA Bulletin website.

Withdrawal Policy

If a student wishes to remove a class from their schedule after the drop/add period ends, he or she must Withdraw.  Students can receive a WP (withdrawal passing) or a WF (withdrawal failing) at the instructor’s discretion.  However, any withdrawal after the withdrawal deadline (listed every semester on the Registrar’s Key Dates) will result in a WF.  Students who plan to withdraw before the withdrawal deadline should consult the instructor of the course to confirm that they will receive a WP.

As of Fall 2008, all students are allowed four WPs during their college career.  Any withdrawal beyond those four will result in a WF.

Students who wish to withdraw from all their courses for the semester because of a documented event or serious personal illness may be eligible for a hardship withdrawal.  Eligible students must have documentation that they are unable to continue and/or perform successfully during the relevant semester.  Military call-ups also fall under the hardship withdrawal category.  Students should immediately contact Student Support Services (706.542.8220) for information if they feel they require a hardship withdrawal.

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations for Lamar Dodd School of Art classes are available online.  No paper evaluations are accepted.  Within the last few weeks of every semester, students enrolled in LDSOA classes will receive an email instructing them to complete course evaluations for all courses.  Evaluations of courses and instructors are strongly encouraged as they assist in recording student opinions and providing feedback to instructors.
Students should visit the Franklin College Course Evaluation website to complete course evaluations.

Remember, evaluations are only available during a specific window at the end of each semester.

Late Add

If a student wishes to enroll in a course after the drop/add period has ended, he or she must receive special permission.  The student should pick up a Late Add form from Andra Corvin in room C301F and then have the following instructional persons/units sign the form in approval in this order:

  1. The instructor of the course the student wishes to add
  2. Andra Corvin (room C301F)
  3. A representative in the Franklin College Dean’s Office (Old College-North Campus)
  4. A representative in the Office of the Registrar (Holmes-Hunter Academic Building-North Campus)

Once the form is signed by all parties listed above the student should submit the form to the Office of the Registrar.

Graduation Certification Office

Students who plan to graduate from the University in the next two semesters should contact Rita Free in the Graduation Certification Office in Memorial Hall.  Graduation checks can be done online or by appointment.  Contact the Graduation Certification Office (706-542-1522) no later than the semester before you intend to graduate.


Students who wish to appeal academic decisions should visit the Franklin College website, which explains who to contact for each type of appeal.  Students should first appeal the decision with the department.  For instance, an appeal of a grade should be discussed with the following parties in this order:  instructor who assigned the grade; immediate supervisor of the instructor; department head; Dean’s Office.  Students have the right to continue their appeal process if they believe they received an unfavorable ruling.