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Job Opportunities that may be Possible for all Studio Art and Design Majors:

* May require advanced degree
** Requires certification

Architectural Model Maker
Art Fabricator
Automobile Modeler
Clay Artist
Commissioned Artist
Ferocement Sculptor
Foundry Artist
Furniture Maker
Stone Carver
Tile Sculptor
Antiques Dealer
Architectural Artist
Architectural Model Builder
Art Administrator
Art and Design College Professor*
Art Buyer
Art Conservator
Art Consultant
Art Critic
Art Dealer
Art Director
Art Exhibition Coordinator
Art Graphic Assistant
Art Historian*
Art Teacher**
Art Therapist*
Artist's Agent
Assistant Curator
Auctioneer Transporter
Book ArtistBookplate Artist
Car and Bus Card Artist
Catalog Illustrator
Color Expert
Costume and Mask Designer
Direct Mail Artist
Direct Mail Layout Designer
Display Artist
Display Designer
Editorial Illustrator
Environmental Designer
Fashion Artist/Designer
Floral Designer
Furniture Designer
Gallery Owner
Glass Artist
Glass Blower
Graphic Arts Technician
Interior Designer
Web Designer
Jewelry DesignerKitchenware Designer
Label Designer
Landscape Architect
Layout Artist
Mannequin Decorator
Mechanical & Production Artist
Motion Picture Animator
Motion Picture Scenic Designer
Museum Artist
Newspaper Layout Artist
Paper Maker
Printing Designer
Printing Layout Artist
Product Designer/Illustrator
Quick Sketch Artist
Set Designer/Illustrator
Silhouette Artist
Stained Glass Artist
Stencil Cutter
Toy Designer
Urban Designer