Frequently Asked Questions for Advising

Can I minor in studio art?

Yes, the Lamar Dodd School of Art now offers a minor in Studio Art.  Please see the UGA Bulletin for information on the requirements.  Students interested in minoring in Studio Art should see Dr. Asen Kirin during his office hours (Wednesdays 12-2, room N300).

There is also an available minor in Art History.  BFA Art majors wishing to minor in Art History should be aware that their BFA Art History requirements (three 3/4000-level ARHI courses) cannot count toward the minor (or double major, for that matter).  Students interested in minoring or double majoring in Art History should see Dr. Isabelle Wallace during her office hours (Wednesdays 2:00 - 4:30, room N318).

I have questions about the HOPE scholarship.  Where do I go for this?

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for any questions related to scholarships or federal aid.

I'm a BFA major.  Do I need to satisfy the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences requirements, such as a foreign language and general electives?

BFA majors only need to satisfy the Multicultural portion of the Franklin College requirements.  You can view these requirements here.

AB Studio Art and AB Art History students must satisfy all Franklin College requirements.  Again, they can be accessed here.

What is the Environmental Literacy requirement and how do I know if I have fulfilled it?

The Environmental Literacy requirement must be satisfied by all students at UGA.  This requirement means that you have basic knowledge of the principles of environmental processes and issues.  Most students satisfy this requirement when they complete their core sciences, however it is possible to "miss" this requirement.  To be sure, check out the approved list of courses that satisfy the Environmental Literacy requirement

What are the Georgia and Federal Constitution requirements and the UGA History requirement?

The Georgia/Federal Constitution requirements test a student's knowledge of both state and federal constitutions.  Students must complete these two requirements to graduate from UGA.  Most students elect to take POLS 1101 to satisfy both requirements, however students may also take a Georgia Constitution exam and a Federal Constitution exam if they do not need POLS 1101 in their Area E/Area V.

The UGA History requirement tests basic knowledge of American History.  Most students elect to take HIST 2111 or HIST 2112 to exempt the requirement.  However, students may also take an exam through Testing Services if they do not need HIST 2111/2112 in their Area E/Area V.

Visit the UGA Testing Services website for more information about testing out of these requirements.