Jack Davis Lectures

Jack Davis is one of the most important American illustrators of the past fifty years. His work spans every genre in the illustration field from MAD Magazine to Playboy and TIME. Jack is noted for his style of wild, free-flowing brushwork, wacky characters and incredible crowd scenes. He has received the highest award, the Rueben, from the National Cartoonist Society and was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame at the Museum of American Illustration in New York. A hallmark of Jack Davis' work is how with humor and humanity, he captures the spirit of life in America.

The intent of the Jack Davis Distinguished Visiting Artist program is to honor Jack and his contributions to our popular culture, and to bring outstanding professional illustrators who share in this tradition to the UGA campus for a public lecture and creative exchanges with students and faculty.

List of Jack Davis Lecture visiting artists:

1998 - Jack Davis
1999 - Ralph Steadman
2000 - Anita Kunz
2002 - David Levine
2003 - Gary Baseman
2004 - ARnold Roth
2005 - C.F. Payne
2006 - Peter de Seve 
2007 - Mike Luckovich
2008 - Steven Heller
2009 - Sergio Aragones
2011 - Mike Ramirez
2012 - Joe Ciardiello
2013 - Bill Mayer
2014 - Steve Brodner

​2015 - Yuko Shimizu