LDSOA is home to several Lecture series and Visiting Artists.

Visiting Artist / Scholar Lecture Series

Visiting Artists and Scholars spend three days on campus interacting with students and faculty, the culmination of which is a public lecture on the subject of the artist’s or scholar’s work. 

Jack Davis Lectures

The intent of the Jack Davis Distinguished Visiting Artist program is to honor Jack and his contributions to our popular culture, and to bring outstanding professional illustrators who share in this tradition for a public lecture and creative exchanges with students and faculty.

Shouky Shaheen Lectures

The Shouky Shaheen Lecture brings a distinguished nationally or internationally recognized artist or scholar to present a lecture at the University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd School of Art each year.

Visual Culture Colloquium

The Visual Culture Colloquium brings together under one rubric lectures which adopt a scholarly approach to the field of art history, broadly conceived. 

AGAS Lectures

Each year the Association of Graduate Art Students (A.G.A.S.) sponsors a lecture series featuring prominent scholars in the field of Art History. 

Think Tank

Through intensive summer workshops, Think Tank seeks reciprocal alliances with organizations whose members are concerned with the theoretical, pedagogical, and skill-based support of art + design educators.