Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors is comprised of artists, alumni, gallery owners, and patrons of the arts from across the nation.

The Lamar Dodd School of Art is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers to assist with advocacy, networking, and fundraising since 1998. 

Current Board of Visitors

Ibby Mills, Atlanta, GA (Chair)

Laura Bierema, Athens, GA
Patty Brundage, New York City, NY
Cam Cato, Alpharetta, GA
Caroline Howell, Savannah, GA
Jack Kehoe, Athens, GA
Fazal Khan, Chicago, IL
Del Martin, Atlanta, GA
Janet Mason, Madison, GA
David Matheny, Athens, GA
Tricia Ruppersburg, Athens, GA
Shouky Shaheen, Atlanta, GA
Mildred Spalding, Atlanta, GA
Mary Stanley, Atlanta, GA
Shelly Wischhusen, Washington, DC

Ex Officio

Jere Morehead, UGA President
William Eiland, GMOA Director
Gene Wright, LDSOA Interim Director
Chris Hocking, LDSOA Associate Director
Thom Houser, LDSOA Associate Director
Asen Kirin, LDSOA Associate Director
Tom Landrum, Senior Vice President of External Affairs
Chris Robinson, Cortona, Italy - Program Director
Alan Dorsey, Dean, Franklin College Arts and Sciences
Jennifer Messer, Director of Development - Visual and Performing Arts


George Adams
Geoffrey Bates
Clay Bryant
Connie Broun
Clay Bryant
Betsy Chastain
Susan Cofer
Randy Siegel
Bob Whitehead