Gallery Schedule

Spring 2015 Exhibitions & Events

Art Talks: Chris Kraus
January 8, 5:30pm S150

Esteemed art critic, writer, and filmmaker Chris Kraus will discuss Lost Properties, a text featured in the 2014 Whitney Biennial that discusses the fine line between conceptual art and economic activism.

La Mostra: Cortona 2014
Gallery 307, Suite & Plaza
January 5-January 16
Closing Reception January 17, 3pm

La Mostra, or the Show is a continuation of a 45 year-old tradition exhibiting artwork produced by students and faculty during their stay at UGA's residential center in Cortona, Italy. On January 17, join us for a a reunion and closing reception. A ceremony will begin with talks at 3PM in auditorium S151, followed by a reception and continued viewing of exhibited artworks.

January 5-22
Bridge Gallery

An icon is an an image which points our attention and energy towards something. It is a powerful word, and its meaning invokes a variety of strong associations: symbol, allegory, idol, logo, iconography, relic, image. In this exhibit, artists have been asked to explore the idea of icon: Icon as religious or secular, reverent or critical, sincere or ironic, serious or humorous, singular or complex. Icons here can be portals into the past or into the current age, into the divine, into the self, or into the digital. The images on view don’t offer a singular message, rather, each presents itself as a first step into a thought, a memory, a critique, an admiration, a hope, or a prayer. Curated by Michael Ross & Heather Foster. 

Artists exhibited include: Michael Benedetti, Manty Dey, Heather Foster, Andrew Indelicato, Elizabeth Kleene, Emily Miller, David Molesky, Drema Montgomery, Ramekon O'Arwisters, Aaron Obenza, Jay Rosen, Michael Ross, Spence Townsend, & Christine Zuercher.

RELATED PROGRAMMING: Exhibition Reception January 15, 5-7pm

Video 101: Justin Schmitz
Gallery 101

Continuing our video series Video 101, the Dodd's Post-MFA Fellow, Justin Schmitz, presents Our Bodies Work as One. The work is a five minute looping video featuring a series of time-based portraits of young men at a Metallica cover band. Schmitz slows down and overlaps images, layering on a  re-imagined version of the cover band's bass solo from the song Damage Inc. to create an almost ethereal reflection of the teenage experience. Schmitz explains: "This video amplifies the listening experience of my subjects to uncover the cathartic experience of live music and reveal my own recollection of the importance of using music to discover myself as a young person."

About the Artist: Justin Schmitz received his MFA in photography from Yale University in 2013 and a BFA in photography from Columbia College, Chicago. Schmitz is the recipient of the Toby Devan Lewis Fellowship, the Tierney Fellowship, City of Chicago CAAP Grant, Albert P. Weisman Scholarship, and the Union League Civic and Arts Foundation Scholarship. A collection of his work was part of the Mid-West Photographers Project at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. He was a runner-up for the Photography Book Now Prize, and a finalist for the Honickman First Book Prize. He currently lives and work in Athens, GA.

Critical Practice
January 20, 5-7pm
Gallery 307

Our cross-disciplinary public critique forum, Critical Practice, is back! We bring faculty from across campus and students from across disciplines to discuss art and ideas. These remarkable evenings of art debate aim to establish a reactive space that fosters an exchange of ideas and, at times, unexpected conclusions.

Art Party: Exhibition Opening Extravaganza!

January 30, 6-8pm

We are thrilled to celebrate the opening of 4 new exhibitions at the Dodd: Mequitta Ahuja: Automythography in Gallery 307; The Exquisite in Gallery 101; Justin Schmitz: Like a Juggernaut in the Suite & Plaza Galleries; and To-Do List in the Bridge Gallery. We'll have delicious snacks courtesy of Wildfood Catering, music selected by the artists and gallery staff, plus special pop-up poetry readings inspired by the works on the wall, curated by the Georgia Review, and featuring local poets. Not to mention exciting conversation and special party fun times all for free and open to the public!

Mequitta Ahuja: Automythography
Gallery 307
January 30-February 26

Visiting artist Mequitta Ahuja displays a series of paintings that illustrate her practice of using herself as subject and history as context as inspired by her neologism ‘automythography’. The term evolved from Audre Lorde’s 1982 book Zami: A New Spelling of My Name, in which Lorde introduces the term ‘biomythography’ to describe the woven nature of myth, cultural history, and the notion of telling one’s story. Lorde’s term allowed Ahuja to rethink her own story and to imagine and project her various identities onto canvas. ‘Automythography’ encourages a new way of being in the world, “a strategy I use to counter limiting frameworks,” the artist explains. “It is the expansive and inclusive process of self-construction and self-representation, a creative form in which I gain and enact my agency.”

About the Artist: Mequitta Ahuja received her MFA from the University of Chicago in 2003 and was mentored by Kerry James Marshall. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. as well as in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, India and Dubai. Ahuja has held solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Lawndale Art Center in Houston, BravinLee Programs in New York, Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris, Thierry-Goldberg Gallery in New York and a two person exhibition at the Bakersfield Museum of Art in California. She is the receipitant of numerous grants including the Tiffiany Foundation Award, the Joan Mitchell Award, and the Houston Artadia Prize. 

Ahuja's exhibition and lecture are made possible by a grant from the Wilson Center for Humanities & Arts.

RELATED PROGRAMMING: Artist Lecture, January 27, 2pm S150

The Exquisite
Gallery 101
January 23-February 20

The Exquisite is a collaborative group exhibition that elaborates upon the established tradition of the Exquisite Corpse. The gallery space acts as a working studio, while also serving as a performative arena where work continually evolves both on and off the walls. Dividing partitions placed in the middle of the room delineates individual working spaces with discrete materials and processes. Each week a fresh group of four artists occupy the gallery bringing new materials and procedures with the intent of working collaboratively throughout the duration of the exhibition. The surrounding area of the gallery will be filled with the accumulation of both in-progress and finished works. Organized by printmaking graduate students, Tyler Leslie & Ryan McCullough.

Exquisite artists: Patrick Brien, Arron Foster, Heather Foster, Andrew Indelicato, Mark Johnson, Tyler Leslie, Cameron Lyden, Miranda Maynard,  Courtney McCracken, Ry McCullough, Saegan Moran, Georgia Rhodes, Phillip Scarpone, Jon Swindler, Zipporah Thompson, Janelle Young

RELATED PROGRAMMING: Progress Reports every Friday through run of exhibition, 4-6pm Gallery 101

Justin Schmitz: Like a Juggernaut
Plaza & Suite Galleries
January 30-February 26

The Dodd’s Post-MFA Fellow in Photography, Justin Schmitz exhibits a new body of work developed during his stay in Georgia. Continuing his examination of rural teenage life, Schmitz photographed crowds of students at high school football games. Stilled in action and printed as an elongated frame, the young people become mannered representations of teenage life, the total catharsis of the win.  

RELATED PROGRAMMING: Artist Lecture, Thursday, February 12, 5:30pm S150

To-Do List
Bridge Gallery
January 30-February 26

Organized by Athens artist and director of the Lyndon House, Didi Dunphy, this exhibit explores what 28 artists are thinking, doing, not doing, working on, avoiding, accomplishing and postponing. From December 1, 2014 – January 15, 2015, all artists were instructed to use a work from a limited edition mono print/two run screen print made by Dunphy at Double Dutch Press as their to-do list, their post-it, their stickies, their doodle page, their inspiration notes, their date book, planner, and their note paper.

To Do Lists by: Rinne Allen, Nina Barnes, James Barsness, Jaime Bull, Benjamin Britton, Michele Chidester, Chris Cogan, Donald Cope, Eleanor Davis, Susan Hable, Jennifer Hartley, Garrett Hayes, Brian Hitselberger, Hope Hilton, Carol John, Hannah Jones, Michael Lachowski, Sarah Lowing, Carl Martin, Erin McIntosh, Alex Murawski, Michael Oliveri, Mary Pearse, Dan Smith, Leslie Snipes, Jon Swindler, Martijn van Wagtendonk, and Katherine McQuire and Amanda Burke of Double Dutch Press

RELATED PROGRAMMING: Lunchtime Gallery Talk with Didi Dunphy: Wednesday, February 18th, 12 noon