Intermediate Studio Credits

Any studio course taken at the 2000-level or higher (introductory classes for specific areas of emphasis or disciplines) must be approved by the head of the overseeing area.  In other words, you will have to get approval from the Head of Photography to receive official credit for Intro to Photography. You can search the Faculty Directory for email addresses of these area heads.

Note: It is the policy of the School of Art that students may only transfer in 12 hours (4 courses) toward their major.  The Studio Foundation classes and one (1) 2000-level introductory studio course will be applied to your core.  Up to 12 hours beyond that will be applied to your major requirements, per the approval of your area head.  All other studio credits earned will count as general University electives.  These 12 hours may include intermediate/advanced studio work and/or upper-division (3000-level) art history courses.  Again, all transfer courses that will count toward your major must be approved by the respective area head.

In order to assist area heads in evaluating your courses, please provide them with a course description and syllabus as well as any work produced in the course.

Credit can be refused to students based on grades, work produced, or description of the themes and processes covered in the course.