Transfer Student Advising


Once you have received your official acceptance from the University of Georgia, you will need to set up an Orientation date through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  This Orientation session will occur during the summer (if you matriculate during the summer or fall) or in December or early January (if you matriculate spring).  Do not miss your Orientation! At this event, you will meet with the Lamar Dodd School of Art advisor to evaluate placement and core and major requirements.


BFA/AB Stu​dio Art

You should not see an advisor in Franklin College.  If you are assigned to an advisor outside the School of Art at Orientation, please find a Franklin College representative and ask to be changed.

During your advising session, your advisor will evaluate the introductory studio and art history courses you took at your native institution and award transfer credit when applicable.  If you are transferring from an institution that we are unfamiliar with, you will be asked to contact Professor Chris Hocking, Chair of Studio Foundations.  Professor Hocking will make a final decision on these courses and determine placement in the Studio Foundations program.

AB Art History

You will meet with a Franklin College advisor at orientation. If you have art history course credit that was not approved by Admissions, please contact the School of Art advisor (

Portfolio Review

BFA/AB Studio Art

You should make every effort to participate in the Portfolio Review that will occur the semester before you begin classes at UGA.  If you are eligible to take the Review, taking it before starting classes is crucial in order to stay on track to graduate.  If you are ineligible to take the Review before starting classes, you will take those Foundation classes which are required for the Review and you will participate at the end of your first semester at UGA.

AB Art History

Art History students are not required to participate in the portfolio review.