The foundation curriculum consists of two full semesters of drawing, a color and composition course, a three-dimensional design course, two art history courses covering the monuments of art from prehistory until the Renaissance and from the Baroque to the Modern periods, and a one-hour professional seminar in art. This latter course provides contact with faculty and students from all the art areas offered by the School to help them make an informed choice about their major area of study. Foundations students work in a group studio that is limited to a maximum of 18 students. Studio classes meet for six hours per week divided evenly over two or three days per week. At the conclusion of the foundation program, students are prepared for the intensive artistic and intellectual environment within their major area of study.

All students wishing to apply to any studio area in art begin in the Foundation program. First-year students intending to major in studio art are considered provisional art majors (BFA I-Art) upon acceptance to UGA. In order to become a major (AB Studio, BFA in Art or BFA in Art Education), students are required to submit a portfolio for review. The portfolio review process entails both a consideration of works submitted, successful completion of Foundation Courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better, and the requirement of an overall GPA of 2.5. Students who pass the portfolio review process may go on to take ARST 1070 and either ARST 1060 or ARST 1080 (whichever was not taken in the previous semester)

The program consists of the following courses from Area VI of the core curriculum:

ARST 1040 Pro Seminar in Art 1 hr.
ARST 1050 Drawing I* 3 hrs.
ARST 1060 Color/Composition* 3 hrs.
ARST 1070 Drawing II 3 hrs.
ARST 1080 3-Dimensional Design* 3 hrs.
ARHI 2300 Art History I: Cave Painting to Michelangelo* 3 hrs.
ARHI 2400 Art History II: Baroque to Modern* 3 hrs.
or approved equivalent

(Approved equivalency credit is required for all transferred hours in Art)