Portfolio Review

For the undergraduate portfolio review documents, please see the student forms page.

What is the Portfolio Review?
In order to become a major (AB Studio, BFA in Art or BFA in Art Education), students are required to submit a portfolio for review.

Who participates in the Review?
First-year students and transfer students intending to major in studio art are considered provisional art majors (BFA I-Art) upon acceptance to UGA.  They must successfully pass the Portfolio Review to be accepted as full Art majors.

Who is eligible for the Review?
All students (both native and transfer) who have taken ARST 1050 (Drawing I) and either ARST 1060 (Color/Composition) or ARST 1080 (3D Design) or their approved equivalents are eligible and must take the Review.  Without an introductory Drawing class and a Color or Three-Dimensional class, a student cannot participate in the Review.

When is the Review?
The portfolio review will be held on Reading Day, both Fall and Spring semesters and on the last day of classes during the Summer Thru-Session.

What happens during the Review?
A committee of tenured faculty members representing all disciplines in the School of Art score each student's work in a so-called "blind review."  No faculty member knows the identity of the artist whose work they are reviewing.  In addition, the faculty members involved do not know the intended area of emphasis for each student.  Students who ultimately apply to Interior Design are held to the same basic standard as students applying to Drawing or Ceramics, etc.  This process ensures that the integrity of the School of Art and its students is maintained.

What happens after the Review?
The portfolio review process entails both a consideration of works submitted and the requirement of an overall GPA of 2.5. Students who pass the portfolio review process may go on to take ARST 1070 and either ARST 1060 or ARST 1080 (whichever was not taken in the previous semester) as well as other courses required for their program of study. Students who do not pass the portfolio review are no longer considered provisional art students and may not take further courses in the Lamar Dodd School of Art.

What is submitted for the Review?
The Portfolio Review is not an opportunity to submit work in only your desired medium.  All students are required to submit four pieces that will be identical in subject or theme to their peers.  This work can (and should) be chosen from the Drawing I and Color/Comp or 3D Design courses.  A fifth piece has a variable theme that must be created specifically for the Review.  This theme is changed every semester and is announced approximately two months before the Review takes place. 
Below is an explanation of each piece required for the Review:

  • Self-portrait in one of the following drawing media: charcoal, graphite, conte, colored pencils, chalks, pastels, ink. NO paint media (e.g. oil, acrylics or watercolor) is acceptable.
  • A work of the candidate’s choice (2 or 3D)
  • A work of the candidate’s choice (2 or 3D)
  • For UGA students: one work of the candidate’s choice either from ARST 1060 (Color/Composition) or ARST 1080 (3D Design).
  • For transfer students: one work that demonstrates either strong 2-D design and color application or 3-D concerns.
  • Thematic work. You are required to create a new work which interprets the noun/verb/idea stipulated by the Portfolio Review Committee (this work should be labeled with a temporary label on which is marked “5.”). Do not substitute a previously made project for this thematic work. Photographs may ONLY be submitted for the fifth work.