Letters of Recommendation Advice

(Excerpted from an e-mail from the Graduate School.)

We're receiving a large number of messages from applicants about letters of recommendation (LORs) and while we are developing frequently asked questions to add to the website, we thought it would be helpful to share some information with you. As you know, completion of the fields for recommenders and their email addresses is now mandatory in the application for graduate programs.

Paper Letters

LORs are a departmental requirement. You (the applicant) may have a recommendation sent by paper or e-mail when a recommender does not want to submit online.

If letters are submitted directly the School of Art Graduate Coordinator, the Graduate School does not need a copy.

An applicant may use the Letter of Recommendation form which requests the same info as the online recommendation, but the applicant must fill out the top portion in order to waive (or not) their right to access before sending it on to the recommender.

Applications for any degree other than non-degree or transient cannot be submitted without filling in the LOR fields. If using a paper letter of recommendation, the applicant needs to inform the recommenders to ignore the e-mail requesting the on line letter and and tell the recommender that you, the applicant, will fill out the top portion in order to waive (or not) their right to access before sending it on to the recommender.

Lost Recommender E-mails

Many of our communications from applicants are requests to submit the e-mail request to the recommender again because the recommender cannot find or did not receive the original e-mail. We do not have access to submit the e-mail again, but the applicant does have that access and this is the process:

The applicant must go back to the application introduction page and click on "Review Your Activity." S/he will be prompted to log into the application. The activity page has a link for submitted form(s). Clicking on that will show any recommendations that have not been received and the applicant can send the recommender a reminder e-mail with the same information that was in the original message. They need to make sure the e-mail address was entered correctly.