Main Art Building Floorplans

Lamar Dodd School of Art Main Building

Located at 270 River Road. Floorplans denote classrooms and other shared spaces.

Note that all rooms are either on the North or South side of the building, so room numbers will also include an N or S before their number, as in S280.

First Floor

Auditoriums, ArtX, Dodd Galleries spaces, Foundations spaces, Fabric Design, Papermaking Studio

Dodd 1st floor.jpeg

Second Floor

Graphic Design, Dodd Library, Printmaking & Book Arts, Photography,
Scientific Illustration, A/V Checkout Center

Dodd 2nd floor.jpeg

Third Floor

Administrative offices, Academic advising, Art History, Art Education,
Dodd Galleries, Drawing & Painting

Dodd 3rd floor.jpeg